No Affiliation – juuuust the way I like it!

You’re a Non-box.

What box do you get put in?
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3 Responses to No Affiliation – juuuust the way I like it!

  1. ex_req431 says:

    read what I have to say about this quiz in my lj..

    • MRDA says:

      “when I looked at all possible results and read what “non-boxes” (me) thought of the other boxes, it was right on the money. Also that is how the other boxes think of me.

      Yeah, I agree with what you say – I see it too with myself although I look at “Gangstas” in the same way as I look at Freaks – perhaps more so than the “Freaks”. However, I took the test again, with the same answers, and got GOTH of all things. Kinda fucked, though I do have some traits in common with that type….
      …then again, I like “Freak” music and have some “Geek” hobbies, not to mention Loner tendencies, and….

  2. biscayne says:

    Cool. *swipes quiz*

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