Gray-eyed monster?

Due to Transatlantic spelling differences, it seems as if my journal has been…misrepresented for quite some time on some browsers.

As a result of such, my post backgrounds have been appearing in garish green of all colours! I like my greens, but keep them a more military shade at least, IE!! Jeez!

Only Mozilla/Firefox seems to have pegged on to the fact that Brits and ‘Mericans do spell differently, despite sharing the fundamentals of one language.

So for any who have up till now had your screens gangrened can now rest your eyes easy – “normal” service has been resumed.

Till the next post…


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2 Responses to Gray-eyed monster?

  1. cluebyfour says:

    Heh, I hadn’t noticed, mainly because I use my journal style for my friends page and read everything there.

  2. wetplants says:

    well, on my lj you are purple and blue. You like?

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