A great point, in the face of the General Election and the “vote-for-voting’s sake” mentality….

“The argument that those who don’t vote have no right
to complain is an old cliché and a ridiculous one at that. People that
don’t vote because they’re too fucking lazy/ apathetic to vote have no
right to complain but those who care about politics but cannot find
anyone they deem worthy of their vote have more grounds to complain
than anyone.”

Beelzeboro, Kerrang! Forums

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8 Responses to A great point, in the face of the General Election and the “vote-for-voting’s sake” mentality….

  1. wetplants says:

    people who actually voted and are unhappy should complain because either way (if you voted lefty or righty) we’re all left with bush to complain about.

  2. chiller says:

    That’s a bit of a simplistic view though. I don’t like any of the candidates or parties. But it’s then up to me to vote strategically to keep the guys I really hate OUT. 😉

    • MRDA says:

      That’s one way to look at it, though I just hate the sweeping vilification of all those who abstain from voting. I’m sure if there was a Brewster’s Millions style “None of the Above” option, you’d get a lot more people at the polls, making their voices heard – I’d love to see the uproar that would ensue, if such a position got a dominant foothold…
      The voter who votes out of comfort – as opposed to conviction – is more contemptible than even the most ignorant, worst-case scenario person who avoids the polling station. I’d rather see non-voter apathy than that disgusting strain of “proactive” voter apathy….
      Still, your strategic vote idea is probably the best option in our bleak political climate – at least you’re using your head to make your decision…..

  3. konami says:

    I agree with you. There’s a lot of maggots in this city who thinking voting aught to be MANDATORY.
    Apparently people understand the concept of democracy but not the concept of freedom.

  4. ubermensch says:

    the most patriotic thing a massminder can do is NOT vote. spare us from your uninformed stupidity by rendering it politically impotent oh please, oh hoi polloi

    • MRDA says:

      I agree. It pisses me off that people who vote for X party cos they’ve “always voted for X party” – or worse, because relatives of theirs have done – so are held in higher esteem than the one who abstains from the whole process as he can find no party that shares his strongly held convictions. Surely the former is worse in their proactive apathy (as oxymoronic as that sounds!)

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