On “The Meaning of Life” (a response to a post thread by staxxy)

“Personally I’m starting to think that defining one’s self and one’s own purposes in life and acting on them is better than pondering and wondering about “the meaning of life”, especially when there is no “meaning of life” besides the one you choose to give to your life. Many people fall into the trap of pondering a “meaning” over and above what they want, whether it’s out of fear, guilt at valuing the self or what have you.

In short, I think you have the right idea about creating meaning as opposed to searching for it!”


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11 Responses to On “The Meaning of Life” (a response to a post thread by staxxy)

  1. Boy your LJ friends are on a Nietzsche trip too. Ah where were you guys 8 years ago…Junior highschool I guess. I remmeber when I first found his stuff I’d buy a book a week. I think I have most of the main ones and have at least looked at the others. Powerful stuff.

    • MRDA says:

      Not so much Nietzsche (though I won’t deny the influence), but just something that’s been on my mind a lot recently. My friend wrote a list of traits and statements about herself that just begged for commenting. She impressed me with her self-knowledge and sense of self-certainty, but wondered whether searching and creating were any better than each other – hence my response.
      Which is your favourite Fritz book, BTW?

      • It’s a tie between Beyond Good and Evil and the Gay science. What about you ?
        BTW totally unrelated, is Machine Head like Metallica in England ?

        • MRDA says:

          I love Thus Spake Zarathustra out of the works I’ve read – I bought the Gay Science also, but haven’t got round to reading it fully yet. What I’ve read of it has impressed me however…
          Do you mean like Metallica in terms of popularity? If so, they’ve certainly got a large fan base – Rob Flynn certainly knows how to put on a good show and just seems like an all-round decent bloke.
          Tis possible that ‘Imperium’ could be one of the best metal songs ever made! Certainly a favourite of mine, along with ‘Ten Ton Hammer’, ‘The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears’ et al…

          • Yeah in terms of fan base. In the states they are a smaller band. When I saw them last, on the Supercharger tour they played places that held 1000 people. But yeah I thought they were awesome I’ve seen them 4 times. Once with Pantera in 97′ that was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

  2. biscayne says:

    Yeah, why waste brainpower pondering about something that isn’t going to have a definite answer unless you give it one?

  3. jdcooper says:

    i agree, about the finding and going with it, almost like acting on impulse i suppose, which is kind of my axiom. but i never saw you as much of a Sartrian?

    • MRDA says:

      Well, existentialism has appeal up to a point. Egoism is more my trip though.
      I haven’t read a word of Satre – however Striner has much to say about all “higher meaning” being nowt more than fabrication to ensnare the unsuspecting and neurotic.

      • jdcooper says:

        all “higher meaning” being nowt more than fabrication to ensnare the unsuspecting and neurotic
        jesus yes, that very thought spins round my mind almost constantly as im awake. today i was discussing Essex with my grandfather, and how i quite like it, and he said “well, i suppose it all depends on whether you have got class as to whether you like essex”, and i just thought, what is class? its a ridiculous concept, what can it possibly mean? that was a petty example, but its like being dragged out of The Matrix; once you see that one abstract social structure is based on very little, all the others soon follow suit and you cant see anything any other way. and i like that.

  4. Good post.

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