Harlequin, Amuse Thyself!

You know, I’ve never understood the stigma against laughing at one’s own jokes myself. That’s a lot like telling a writer they shouldn’t take pleasure in the process and produce of their own mind and hand in action – it’s a laughable and utterly nonsensical notion! If you think your own material is a pile of shit, I very much doubt you’re gonna wanna show it off to the rest of the world. Let’s take another example self-love (in all its connotations) – we’re often told that self-love is to be ruled out of the equation an that “pride comes before a fall” and what have you. Similarly, in the realm of the purely physical, masturbation is – although not out and out condemned – at least considerably stigmatized, considered something that should be kept hush-hush, like a secret most shameful. The basic attitude of negativity – albeit with the “shame” aspects removed – is often displayed to the seeking of one’s own pleasure in an interpersonal exchange, be that sexual, romantic, platonic or what-the-fuck-ever….

As a side note, the irony of stigmatizing masturbation, an act enjoyed by a great many – often the same peeps who’d stigmatize it – is not lost on me. The planet is truly ripe with tossers and jerk-offs!

On the other hand (no pun intended(?)) we’re expected and exhorted to “love others”, “put others ahead of self” and other such platitudes. Now having the capacity to “love others” – others worthy of oneself – is certainly a strength, but what many proponents of such a shibboleth often fail to take note of is the fact that, having the abundance to love others presupposes an abundance of the stuff for the person doing the loving – in short, love for others is built on anything but “putting other people first”! Thus, having the willingness and ability to create pleasure – sexual, platonic, romantic , literary – for others lies only on the condition that one can derive and define pleasure from – personal experience of such!

Paradox can be a brutally sweet mistress, no?

To all the self-amusers out there – to all those who derive pleasure from the movements and makings of their own hand – consider this post of mine a raised glass….


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  1. If we can laugh at ourselves, we’ll never cease to be amused. ūüôā

  2. ubermensch says:

    i’m in london right now. email me your # or some other way of easily getting in contact with you. we must hang out

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