"The People Is Dead – Up With Me!"


As I’ve said before, there are those who would deceive you into thinking one’s genealogical heritage is one’s destiny; the more recruits to their religion the better; what better way to affirm their (vicarious) egoism than by getting you to negate yours?

However, seeing as Culture – being the mutable, multifaceted minx that she is – does not just depend on genealogy but also chronology and geography, aren’t such people fighting a losing battle?

If these people – these ethnocentrics – were genuine in their beliefs and convictions, they wouldn’t even be here to argue with me – they’d be living it up in their “native lands”, surviving as agrarian hunter-gatherers. If they despised the “alien” culture so much, they’d fight to eradicate all vestiges of said culture from their characterlogical make-up and everyday life; no telecommunications to broadcast their venom; no fridges or freezers to preserve their “cultural” foods; no electrical equipment with which to record their “cultural “music; no Christianity (or Islam) to inspire the peaceable assimilation, brotherhood, and obedience necessary to their cause; no languages “alien” to the “proper” culture with which to persuade and decry the dissenters….

….the list goes on – one would have to slice down the whole Amazon just to get it half done!

Nevertheless, my point about the inherent self-destructiveness of the ethnocentrics is made – how many of these Clerics of Culture, these Rectors of Race have had to blot out certain essential truths about themselves in order to justify the opening of their eyes in the morning?

Oh, how one’s latent egoism undercuts one’s oh-so-altruistic aims — or perhaps such reinforces those same goals! After all, self-denial seems to be the residency of the ideology slave….from where he’ll be kicked out before long, exposed ,and naked, because he is unable to keep paying the bill by means of his soul!

I really must remember to laugh hard the next time some pathetic peon says: “Scrape away the Black and you’ll see White underneath” or dares to claim I’m “betraying [my] Black roots”; the simpering slave mind who utters such more than likely reveals more about himself than he could ever hope to understand about me!

Perhaps the malaise of the racially massminded can be lifted by reading and heeding the following:

The “culture” of the racial collective is not my culture; rather, a mere part of my culture which I may indulge or reject at will, with no apologies. My culture – that which I choose to embrace and create – is too vast and multifaceted to be represented by any one of its parts.

With my first breath my culture was born, and with my last breath my culture shall end; individual, impermanent, irreplaceable – such is the nature of that chosen, collected, crafted and created by my own mind, my own hand. The sum total of all I deem relevant and more, my culture stretches as far as the tips of my fingers, meeting with the cultures of others in some aspects and passing them by in others.

I alone create and consume my culture in its entirety!

The “culture of my people” has long outstayed its welcome on this Earth – the future belongs only to the “culture of my person“!


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