Wite souprema-seee!! (aka The Kockbrained Kocksucker Kontingent Strike Again!!)

It amuses me what gems a walk down the street turns up…..

HAHAHAHA! First “nigers out” and now this!?!?

Really, guys – if you wanna at least look like a “master race” at least master the art of spelling in the languages you claim to hold dear!!

To quote Preacher‘s protagonist Jesse Custer: “Why is it that the greatest champions of the White race always turn out to be the worst examples of it?”


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22 Responses to Wite souprema-seee!! (aka The Kockbrained Kocksucker Kontingent Strike Again!!)

  1. I don’t know if that is sad or funny. Where did you find this ?

  2. harlockhero says:

    I bet WITE is a super-secret acronym for something. Do you by any chance have “VAL KILMER (peace sign)” graffiti there?

  3. Heh… I saw some redneck with “I hate (word for black people)” spray-painted on his bumper. Naturally, I wrote down his license so I could sign him up for the UNCF mailing list. >:)

  4. orobouros says:

    Somebody in Berkeley (where I live) had scrawled “Bums go home!” on a wall, once.
    Underneath it, someone else had written “…and where, exactly, would that be?”
    I wish I’d gotten a photo of it before it had been painted over.
    It always gave me a good laugh.

  5. This is fantastic.

  6. ghostdog_ says:

    Irony strikes again.

  7. ubermensch says:

    LMAO. just….. LMAO.

  8. majinchu says:

    Spelling things wrong is 4realz teh kewl thign 2 do today. Seriously, look at rapster names. These people call themselves gansta bois and think it makes them sound SO rebelious.

    • bastardzero says:

      Something tells me the guy who wrote this wasn’t trying to lend his work a hip hop aura.
      Though strangely, I’ve known more than a couple guys who hate blacks and love rap since I’ve been in Florida…
      To me, Hate Rock still sounds like an oxymoron since Rock was invented by coloreds…

  9. cluebyfour says:

    That is some funny shit.
    OTOH, there is a correction fluid marketed as “Wite-Out” in the U. S., so maybe the author of your graffito was just engagin in some guerilla marketing. 😉

  10. if that’s a message from the aryan “elite” then that entire race could use a little injection of blood from some of the more intellectually inclined races…heh heh

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