The Anti-Hero Re-Emerges!! MRDA’s Multi-Point Reflective Update!

So, after something of a hiatus, I return to this space on the web….

…..thus, without further ado…..

It’s very easy to pay more attention to the lives of others, to complain about the state of the world and the mistakes of others, and to ignore one’s own self-defeating habits. Without realizing it, you can spend most of your time doing things that contribute nothing to your happiness – and which actually perpetuate the conditions that make you unfree and unhappy.
– Harry Browne

Revolution and insurrection must not be looked upon as synonymous. The former consists in an overturning of conditions, of the established condition or status, the state or society, and is accordingly a political or social act; the latter has indeed for its unavoidable consequence a transformation of circumstances, yet does not start from it but from men’s discontent with themselves, is not an armed rising, but a rising of individuals, a getting up, without regard to the arrangements that spring from it. The Revolution aimed at new arrangements; insurrection leads us no longer to let ourselves be arranged, but to arrange ourselves, and sets no glittering hopes on”institutions.” It is not a fight against the established, since, if it prospers, the established collapses of itself; it is only a working forth of me out of the established. If I leave the established, it is dead and passes into decay. Now, as my object is not the overthrow of an established order but my elevation above it, my purpose and deed are not a political or social but (as directed toward myself and my ownness alone) an egoistic purpose and deed.

– Max Stirner


Well, as the more attentive amongst you may have sussed, I’ve been on something of a leave-of-absence from this little space on the web. Reasons? Yeah, I had a few, a chief one being a general disdain with the direction my entries started to take….

Now, I like writing about political topics – taking the Burning Issue of the Week™ and scanning it under my own lens proves most entertaining for me. However when the bulk of my output preoccupies itself with the woes of the world, the maladies of the masses, and the stupidities of the state, I find it fruitful to ask myself whether or not my written output represents a lopsidedness in thought, not to mention mistaken priorities. Sure, the Powers That Be™ continue their cuntish antics, but does ranting – yearning for a change in conditions that may or may not come about – get me anywhere in the long run? The more attention spent on the injustices inflicted in – and by – the wider world, the less of it I seem to pay to the injustices I may be inflicting upon myself.

A disconcerting discovery? In the arena of self-valuation, I fall short of my own measurements! Bad habits and self-destructive patterns run around unchecked within this framework of flesh. Procrastination and complacency bleed through me like poison. Resolutions remain…irresolute!

My reaction? Psychological self-flagellation! Also, a withdrawal; a retreat into myself! An increasing detachment from all external to me – be that person or place. Is ennui the right word for this? Perhaps….

Reprimanding me for tardiness a week or so back, my “boss” asks me: “Do you want to be here?” to which I reply: “Yes!”. I wonder if his oft-inebriated eyes saw through the expediency of my lie….

The solution? A ruthlessly more selfish mindset, it would seem. A greater urgency to turn thoughts into words; words into action. Greater discrimination in focus and activity? That’d work too!

The first and final cause? My evolution!

This doesn’t spell the end of those loved polemical posts of mine – I still have a few bursting to get out. What does it spell then end of their dominance on this space; a reorientation of their linkage in the food chain.

The Great Contempt diminishes in significance, in anticipation of the Great Becoming™…..

Watching the animé adaptation of Darkstalkers, I felt it fitting to roll my eyes at all the blatherings of “expelling the dark” in one’s make-up; what good does it do to strangle one’s “dark” out of existence; would it not be more beneficial to take hold of it, integrate it, and use it to one’s own advantage, embracing it as a friend instead of scourging it as an enemy? Better a rejoicing Raptor than a didactic Donovan, no?

A video game animé, offering up messages of psychological dismemberment, repression and self-alienation – stranger things happen, I guess!

Speaking of animé video game adaptations, the Fatal Fury trilogy (two OVAs and a movie) pisses all over the much overrated Street Fighter II : Movie (and the subsequent OVAs). I’ve always liked the story and characterisation potential of one-on-one beat ’em-ups and, whilst the plots for these features don’t blaze any trails, the handling of the characters and their relationships give these adaptations a stand-alone charm and strength one may not expect from this type of animé; coupled with the gratifying fight scenes (which look a little choppy on occasion in the movie), these animé features struggle to disappoint. So yes, recommended viewing!

Frustration? Translating thoughts into form, into words, especially after a long hiatus. They resonate a thousand times stronger in the sanctuary of the mind, alas….

….nevertheless, it rocks to be back! Oh yes!


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6 Responses to The Anti-Hero Re-Emerges!! MRDA’s Multi-Point Reflective Update!

  1. rinku says:

    Good entry. You could always do what I did and create a seperate journal for self-evaluation and more typically “journal” type entries (I use rinkufriend for that) and leave the “blog” type idea entries in your main one.

  2. staxxy says:

    welcome back.
    to catch you up with my life:
    -I got the super faboo job and love it.
    -I fell down the stairs two days ago and seriously sprained my foot. Other than a few bruises, that is the only real injury I sustained though. go me.

  3. fnguitard04 says:

    Again…I’m glad to hear you’re making some positive changes. Fuck yeah. I missed your rantings and musings!

  4. goodbye_doll says:

    🙂 Yay, Daniel. I have missed your posts, whether they were personal, or political. I do love to hear what’s going on with you, so, I hope you stay around for quite a while this time. . . .

  5. i’m so glad you’re back! ^_^

  6. Make sure that you don’t just post goals… like a certain user I know… but actually post and then work toward realizing them.
    One cannot evolve sitting idly by, planning in furious inaction.

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