On “Philanthropy” (An addendum to the last post, perhaps? )

Do people who insist that “one must serve a cause bigger than oneself” really mean to tell you how claustrophobic they feel in their own skin?


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5 Responses to On “Philanthropy” (An addendum to the last post, perhaps? )

  1. staxxy says:

    I suspect they don’t *mean* to.
    Most of the people who don’t feel claustrophobic in their own skin, but do put time into things larger than themselves, don’t insist that anyone else needs to do the same.

  2. i believe that oneself is the biggest cause. it’s the best thing we have to offer.

  3. psuedoid says:

    Many people don’t seem to have much skin of their own. Rather like a piece of jagged marble just waiting to be shaped by a Raphael.

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