Rescue yourself, Princess! MRDA Calls Forth the Valkyries!*

We are…told that woman cannot be muscular. When a woman is strong, the patriarchs label her “unfeminine” and even “unwomanly”.
Svein Olav Nyberg

Frankly, I can’t understand the thinking of the “patriarchal” mindsets mentioned in the above quote….

Y’know – the guys who want their womenfolk to stand fluttering in the breeze as dainty, delicate little daffodils, in need of sustenance and shelter from the possibility of a chipped petal.

It may come off as cute in certain limited contexts, but generally I find it fucking annoying!

Why, why, why – in this “enlightened” (HA!) era – do women still find their physical (non-sexual) capabilities held in low estimation?

Males wanna knock the shit out of each other in the ring? All systems go! Women wanna do the same, or a similar fucking thing? Moralistic panic! Press pandemonium! Nationwide debate! Feminists to the left of me and chauvinists to the right, the latter masking their respective prejudices under bullshit banners of concern, chivalry….

….unless the bitches strip butt-naked and break out the baby oil first (yum, admittedly)!

“Equal opportunities”? Suck my dick, bitch!

Speaking for myself? Give me a more “masculine” example of the femme. No, I don’t mean the bull-dyke or the overly-muscled body-builder woman; I just mean a woman who doesn’t shy from lifting and carrying her own junk. Give me a bitch who curses like a fucking Marine; identifies more with the charas in shōnen shows, rather than the fey, wilting flowers common to, say, the CLAMP compendium; who doesn’t spend her time obsessing over nails, giggling, and buying into bullshit beliefs about the opposite sex – and her own.

Turn-on: Woman who takes her own load in hand and doesn’t shy from exerting herself – literally. Perhaps the real-life equivalent of a Shirow girl, or DBZ’s #18. A Valkyrie when times demand it? A warrior woman? Fuck yeah!

Turn-off: Bitch who expects her bloke(s) to run after her, do all her fucking lifting and cater to her every need. The woman who daren’t risk even picking up a pin-cushion or small stereo cos she “just got her nails done”. The Princess? Fuck that!


(*This rant in part inspired by lazy-arse female customers @ Currys!)

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