Rescue yourself, Princess! MRDA Calls Forth the Valkyries!*

We are…told that woman cannot be muscular. When a woman is strong, the patriarchs label her “unfeminine” and even “unwomanly”.
Svein Olav Nyberg

Frankly, I can’t understand the thinking of the “patriarchal” mindsets mentioned in the above quote….

Y’know – the guys who want their womenfolk to stand fluttering in the breeze as dainty, delicate little daffodils, in need of sustenance and shelter from the possibility of a chipped petal.

It may come off as cute in certain limited contexts, but generally I find it fucking annoying!

Why, why, why – in this “enlightened” (HA!) era – do women still find their physical (non-sexual) capabilities held in low estimation?

Males wanna knock the shit out of each other in the ring? All systems go! Women wanna do the same, or a similar fucking thing? Moralistic panic! Press pandemonium! Nationwide debate! Feminists to the left of me and chauvinists to the right, the latter masking their respective prejudices under bullshit banners of concern, chivalry….

….unless the bitches strip butt-naked and break out the baby oil first (yum, admittedly)!

“Equal opportunities”? Suck my dick, bitch!

Speaking for myself? Give me a more “masculine” example of the femme. No, I don’t mean the bull-dyke or the overly-muscled body-builder woman; I just mean a woman who doesn’t shy from lifting and carrying her own junk. Give me a bitch who curses like a fucking Marine; identifies more with the charas in shōnen shows, rather than the fey, wilting flowers common to, say, the CLAMP compendium; who doesn’t spend her time obsessing over nails, giggling, and buying into bullshit beliefs about the opposite sex – and her own.

Turn-on: Woman who takes her own load in hand and doesn’t shy from exerting herself – literally. Perhaps the real-life equivalent of a Shirow girl, or DBZ’s #18. A Valkyrie when times demand it? A warrior woman? Fuck yeah!

Turn-off: Bitch who expects her bloke(s) to run after her, do all her fucking lifting and cater to her every need. The woman who daren’t risk even picking up a pin-cushion or small stereo cos she “just got her nails done”. The Princess? Fuck that!


(*This rant in part inspired by lazy-arse female customers @ Currys!)

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  1. bastardzero says:

    I’m always telling feminists we don’t need them because you don’t change minds by whining about how women are perceived, that just makes you look like the useless pussy you are and proves all the rednecks right about you. When it comes to changing perception, one can only lead by example. Condoleeza Rice, as the first woman president (What with Rumsfeld out of the picture), has done more for women than any feminist ever has or ever will.

  2. me and my man go into the mosh pits together. and i can tell you i totally agree with you because being “tough” together is one of the most unique and powerful bonding experiences we’ve ever had.
    beating people senseless and in turn taking a few hits together brought us to a new level of emotional intimacy and trust.
    and not that he can’t fight for himself, but there was a time when some guys were starting a fight with him, and i just lost it and started pushing them back. no body fucks with my man.
    another example that proves your point is when he was teaching me to fight.
    at first he didn’t want to hit me back, but i told him i needed to learn to be hit or i could never learn how to hit.
    that + the mosh pits made us understand each other in a way no one else can. he can hit me because he respects me, and knows i can take it.
    we know that most people won’t understand that we like to “fight” with each other sometimes. they’ll just think we’re “abusive”.
    but anyway, i know that most other guys don’t respect me the way he does. i spend half the time in a mosh pit CHASING other people because the guys don’t want to hit a girl.
    my solution? i MAKE them want to hit me by tackling them, shoving them, a getting in their faces until i get the respect i deserve.

  3. RE: women and combat.
    Ha ha, but no. Women look silly fighting. I’ve tried my damndest to see fights in Jiu Jitsu or kickboxing that looked like something other than teenaged boys playing around and was unable to come up with any footage or firsthand observation. And in my personal experience, the women who actually make it in mixed martial arts are ridiculously one of a kind. And even then they break so much faster than their male counterparts.
    Women with toned bodies are hot, though. I like watching muscle ripple beneath the skin. Not body builders, but gracefully toned. I’ll give you that. And constant nagging about lifting/helping is a turn-off. But I really don’t ever expect a woman to hike up her sleeves and help me carry a couch up the stairs. I just wouldn’t let her. Call me old fashioned.
    And really, the reason women still hold their physical non sexual capabilities in such low esteem is because… this is biological fact. Enlightenment doesn’t have much to do with it. Women have SO much less upper body strength. Sure, with tons of hard work they can fix this deficiency, but overall you don’t see many gals benching and taking creatine outside of Ms. Olympia competitions.
    Besides, you know why they do it. Same reason they turn on the waterworks after fights, and same reason it’s never their fault: it’s their gender’s manipulative ability. They barter everything for sex, or the promise thereof. It’s how we got to be so parasitically prevalent on this wonderful ball of blue in the first place.
    Like Chris Rock said, every time a man offers a woman help, he’s really just offering her some dick. And they know this, so they play it up.

    • “They”? well then call me a man, because i don’t fit into any of the categories you just described.
      and i may not be a trained martial artist, not do i want to be, but i’ve thrown plenty of guys to the floor who made the same assumptions about me that you just made about all women.
      i’ve had fractured bones and jumped right back into mosh pits. so yah, i’d say you may have been making a few generalizations about the nature of the female character that don’t apply to all of us.
      not all “strength,” hardiness, and general skill in fights is about muscle. i
      know that i’m never going to be as strong as the guys. so i keep in mind that little thing called adrenaline, and i use it to go ape shit on people. it’s highly effective. and of course the ones who always suffer the most from it are the ones who don’t expect to see violence from “a chick”.
      but maybe you were making some kind of joke? i don’t know.

      • As I have to tell most people, exceptions don’t prove the rule. You’re very much an exception. That’s how generalizations work. They apply to the majority of the population. Congrats, you’re a unique snowflake.
        Also congrats on adrenaline, norepinephrin, and the endorphins responsible for your moshing past broken bones. I’m sure you’re proving something meaningful.
        In regard to skill in combat vs. muscle size. You missed my points. Females have less upper body strength, hence they request of males, who have a lot more upper body strength, to help them lift heavy things. That is a point I made when MRDA asked why women disregard their physical nonsexual abilities. Another crucial aspect of that is the sexual manipulation any aid can imply from a male.
        As for fighting skill, it is not related to muscle size totally. But increased muscle mass, endurance and density greatly helps. The point I made there is that I’ve seen no good female fights in either mixed martial arts, or specific styles in general.
        Finally, as for that threat or omen of me falling by the hands of some rabid, chemically driven female. No. I break people. I train to do this. I am good at doing this. And thanks to where I was born, I have enough nerve damage to disregard pain before even getting to endorphins.
        I actively restrain myself to keep from appearing in court on negligent homicide charges, or whatever they would have on me if I caved someone’s skull in.
        Women aren’t worthy of my fists. Just restraining holds. The last one who tried hurt herself against my body without me having to even raise a hand.
        The end. Thank you for playing.

        • your welcome. i think you might have missed my point. i probably was just not being very clear though. i do that a lot.
          what i mean to say is that i don’t think that it’s accurate to say that it is within womens’ “Nature” to be weak and manipulative, which is what i thought your comment was all about.
          i was pointing out, or trying to anyway, that there is a certain joy in the boldness and courage of the fight, even for a woman. in my experience i’ve found that anyone can take a “natural” joy from participating in physical challenges or that sort, man or woman, and that it creates the same sort of psychological stimulation in either sex.
          what counts in creating this state of euphoria in the first place seems to have more to do with what kind of person someone is to begin with, not necessarily with what sex they are. and of course, women are expected to be the ones to stand back and cry while men are expected to be the ones having to fight. but really, to me, it seems that an individual’s personal values is a better indication of this sort of thing than gender. and the weakness and pathetic behavior that most ultra-“feminine” girls display seems very far inherent to me. not to mention the fact that it’s despicable.
          and i don’t buy that you were actually giving me a compliment. but seeing as how you have already made up your mind about me and all the other chicks out there…i’m not too worried. i just want to say my piece.

          • sorry,…*far FROM inherent to me…
            and my mentioning the adrenaline thing was to agree with you that no, i’m not strong enought to take on most men with just my muscle, and it would be stupid of me to try.

          • MRDA says:

            Nice demolishment of gender essentialism there! >:)

          • Biological fact and socialization makes that ideal impossible. Across no human culture at any time have women had warrior roles as a gender, anomalies like Joan of Arc notwithstanding.
            You are created to grow and nurture tiny, squishy humans. To defend them, you were given teeth, claws, and the chemicals neccessary to override the brain’s limit on how far it allows your muscle to tear during use. Everything else is built off of that. Men pay for dinner to show that they are good providers, and women remain gentle to show that they aren’t going to beat their young to death. That they are competent future mothers.
            Anomalies will exist, as any genetic numbers game will produce them.
            Things get really complex here, because in my effort to understand what the fuck is wrong with females, I’ve researched many fields in regard to sex. Women at first were at total mercy of males. They weren’t strong enough to fight back, had no power or authority. So they developed seduction. While things are far different from the days of club-to-head rapings, women still have to rely on seductive skill to get what they want. Implying the promise of sex in myriad interactions.
            Now, whether you want to believe this is “left over” or conscious, it’s up to the individual in the situation, hey, your call. And I would only call women weak in a purely comparitive physical sense. They have proven to be the backbone of many civilizations, my heroic Spartans especially.
            Personally, I like my women feminine. If they can balance fighting with feminine grace, like my former instructor Miyo, then I respect them tremendously. She wore dresses, baked us cookies and had the meanest elbow I’ve run into on a 5’2″ human. BUT when we’re verging on bull dyke/tomboy territory, I have no use for them. It’s repulsive. Women that act like men might as well BE men.
            Whenever people talk about ideals, especially ideals based in biological hard-wiring, they amount to “if only’s” and “it should be’s”. Nice to think about, but not going to happen unless we stop being homo sapiens.
            You’re you in an extreme minority of females, and the general female population is far different in thinking and behavior. That’s all there is to it.

          • a lot of what you say is true, but i’m trying to point out that you can give personal morality all more credit than you are giving it.
            there’s some thing to be said for the kind of powerful personal/community bonds that are established when people fight side by side, and i think that it’s very valuable for women to fight along side their men under many circumstances.
            but i also think that we come to an impasse when we consider that you dislike tough chicks, and i(and my boyfriend, and all my male and female friends) find them highly admirable.
            and of course the biology is powerful. as if to reinforce your point, i fractured my knuckle punching some guy last night. so that’s not up for dispute.
            we obviously place seriously different emphasis on ye olde nature vs nurture.
            but to protest your logic on survivalist motivations; almost every chick i have ever known has always either been commended, protected, and loved for fitting MRDA’s definition of valkyrie or likewise has been put down, hated, and often abadoned for acting like a defenseless manipulative skank.
            a man should value a woman he knows is likely to stay with him through danger, support him, and stick around long enough to “grow and nurture tiny, squishy humans” a lot more than some broad who just stays around long enough to milk him for all he’s worth.
            if i wanted men to support me, experience dictates that i would NEVER act in the way you’re describing.

          • You’re just taking my comments in an extreme. And trying to make yourself that extreme simultaneously.
            Do you not see me saying that I enjoy balance in women, a la my former instructor Miyo? Do you not see where I stated multiple times that women who are totally manipulative, vapid, and weak are no good?
            The image you’re presenting that should be “nurtured” is some nearly amazonian warrior princess. Drinking and fighting like a comic book character. Women that are hyper masculine.
            I’m not condemning a woman who stands up for herself, stands by her mate, and doesn’t take injustice lying down. I’m condemning he-man tomboys that think, behave and present themselves like men.
            And I’m generally saying that for all the “I am woman, hear me roar”, women by their nature are never going to be at the same level of fighting prowess as men. You’re not hard wired for it, and despite all nurture, the percentage of such women who even want to compete is tiny. Even the ways in which women kill are quieter. YOU use poison, we use shiny carving utensils and torture devices.
            And as far as a PERSONAL preferrence, I would not want a woman with knuckles that look like mine. With knife wounds, bullet wounds, and missing teeth. Brain damage and concussions. Who would respond in a male way, and would be aggressive. Check my comment to Pseudoid on what my ideal woman is.
            What you’ve got to look at is, that there are a host of psychological biases in effect when people assess what they know. Vegetarians estimate that there are far more vegetarians that there really are. Non-vegetarians estimate that there are far fewer than there really are. Your comment about “all your friends” etc is just showing that like minds surround themselves with like minds. Birds of a feather.
            Looking at the overarching statistics. For incarceration, prize fighting, sanctioned fighting, etc, it is obvious that women are gentler by nature. Look at the history.
            Granted, if you begin to take me to task, I have socioanthropological data that shows deadening of the gentler instincts and mothering in the case of severe infant death rates, but across the board, with extraneous outliers taken into account for what they are, what I debate is reality. And what you debate is a personal ideal.

          • it just seemed to me that you were not making an effort to say anything other than: women are weak and sexually manipulative conniving wenches by nature. you were constantly implying that women were basically untrustworthy and morally feeble.
            i’m sorry, but that was the clear impression i got. if you wanted to show how much you appreciated a woman who stands up for herself the way to do it was not to infantilize my views just because you disagreed with them.
            if you dislike manipulative weak-minded people so much, you could do a lot more to encourage intelligent moralistic(and feminine, yes, they exist) women to surround you by not exercising such knee-jerk hostility. why would a self-respecting woman want to be insulted like this?
            the only kind of woman who welcomes this kind of deprecation would be one with very messed-up values. in short, i’m saying maybe your attitude that women are naturally prone to vapidity draws more vapid women.
            i do, in all seriousness, appreciate your increased magnanimity.
            and i’m glad you appreciate people like your trainer, but you just didn’t that across all that well through all the sardonic down-talking.

          • hhhmmm, i’m gonna connect this to the thread below for purposes of practicality and clarity.
            to the nickname thing:
            i did. i’ve read everything on this page.
            but as i’ve tried to get across to you, i don’t find being addressed by diminutive nicknames (or diminutively ANYTHING) flattering.
            i like to be taken seriously,(which would account the apparent “bull-dyke”ishness of my initial comment? my vehemence can be misleading, something i think we have in common).
            and it is WAY more important to me that i be taken seriously intellectually than physically.
            but in all honesty, this nickname thing is probably just another example of our incredibly different points of view, and i can live with that, given your sincere response.
            …heh…reading this back to myself, i still feel like i sound angry. i’m not.

          • Once you moved from “I mosh and fight dudes and I beat you up too!” I began to take you more seriously.
            As your emotional reaction became outpaced by reasoning.

          • happens to us all.

          • Psh. Typical woman.

          • OH NO YOU DI-IN’!

          • Potato, potahto? Your weak, conniving wench is my evolutionarily driven mating machine. The “weakness” is open to definition. And despite any point you could ever hope to make, the sexual manipulation is female existence. Sexual bartering is so often the male having to buy sexual favor from the female with behavior, goods or services that the few odd reversals are negligible.
            Your first reply was combative. Extrapolate this to any stereotype you’d like, but my instinct is to hit back hard enough to win immediately. And so, my tone.
            I don’t understand how this became an analysis of my life and the women in it. And I’m not going to take it further, because your boyfriend/friend/associate might chime in with extrapolatory guffaws. And then I’d get riled up despite myself, and want to break him in half. But of course he’d be speaking from the bravery of internet and distance, and out of ignorance. So I am saving myself that hassle.
            Suffice it to say that I observe as often as I interact. In the broadest sense. You need not try to pin my reasoning on some imagined defect of perception.
            But a point on which I am comfortable. Is that I’m not here to nurture anybody. To save any children of the world or women that are down trodden. I’m done saving people that don’t want to help themselves. All I’ve ever gotten for my troubles are fucking ingrates. So to that end, I’m not promoting discussion. Except in isolated instances like this.
            People need to learn to reap what they sow.

          • i too cite patato, potahto.
            hhmmm, i didn’t mean to go all ad hominim, there, but i was feeling it myself with the nicknames and the sarcasm. my point was that i wanted to be respected, and i felt profoundly disrespected on multiple levels.
            it’s one thing to say i’m wrong, it’s another to act diminutively toward me. but i think we’ve covered the “sensitivity” of that, so moving on…
            i know that i am surrounded by friends like mine because i BELIEVE strongly in the power and goodness of people like that. people who are manipulative are not welcome around me, and i imagine that the reason i don’t feel socially overwhelmed by their existence is that i don’t believe that it is as futile(natural) as all that. call me optimistic.
            combative is also open to perspective.
            i was using my extreme experiences because i believe they do prove something worthwhile: i do stand up for what i believe, physically and intellectually. i like people to know that i have integrity and determination, in turn i find myself attracting people who value integrity and determination.
            all the above bs is my way of saying that i agree with how you feel about weak people. i also try to give my attention to “worthy” causes. that’s how i reap what i sow.
            and again, with me sounding angrier than i am, constantly. it just comes out unduly hostile.
            i think that it’s come to the point that we’ve observed that my vehemence comes out to you as shrewishness, and your vehemence comes out to me as chauvinism.
            i’m not sure what’s to be done to that end(probably nothing, in the name of practical pluralism), but at the very least i appreciate participating in an “isolated incident.”

          • The basic idea is that you’ve seen the sense in the points I’ve made. You’re just leaning more on the side of the ideal and potential, whereas I lean more strongly on the real, gritty and hard-wired.
            You are optimistic for humanity, I’m waiting for the handbasket to conk Satan on the head. But I would like to be pleasantly surprised.
            That being said, MRDA and I were just talking, and it’s interesting how you both interpreted “manipulation”, sexual re: women in this case, as evil. Like it’s a conscious, malicious process. While it can be that, all human interaction is manipulative. Quid pro quo. From flirting, to gift giving to marriage.
            The times when it’s consciously manipulative in the distasteful sense is when people of will and intellect are disgusted.

          • word.
            and perhaps i felt strongly about the manipulation thing was because i have been memorably stung by the consciously manipulative in the past, and strive(an understatement) to separate myself from that particular female stereotype.
            and yes, i think it does come down to ideal and potential vs. real, gritty and hard-wired.
            a succinct and accurate conclusion.

        • MRDA says:

          “Women aren’t worthy of my fists.”
          Your kinkier conquests’ll be disappointed! :p

        • Mmm hmm
          I’ll bet your the kind of guy who has to train just so that he CAN be tougher than chicks.
          I find your perception of females to be very inaccurate, and I believe that before you go on VAST generalizations, you should do a little bit more research on the subject.
          Also… did you ever stop to think that you may just be hanging around the wrong crowd???
          I’ll bet all that training feels good now that you can pick on women eh?
          Have fun under the waterfalls, please look up with your mouth open.

          • Re: Mmm hmm
            Ah, I love LJ/internet/chatroom/message board drama.
            You find my perception to be inaccurate? And I should do more research? Yet you’ve done nothing but insult me ad hominem, make non sequitor nonsense comments, and prove that the biggest cowards hide behind the keyboard.
            You see me having discussions, point by point with people, and you pop in here like an irate child to add absolutely nothing. I would go on to point out how asinine your comment is to a further degree, but it’s self evident.
            Clearly, I pick on women. And beat them up. That is my life’s purpose. Thanks for outing me. In fact, I’m bringing Andy Kaufman back to life so we can tag team wrestle some females.

    • MRDA says:

      I should have made clear(er) that by lifting, I don’t mean that I expect (most) women to lug around plasma TVs or chest drawers; I do hope, however, not to be around a woman who dumps her shit, which she’s perfectly capable of lugging around without strain, onto the closest male in tow. You know, the ones who play up the fact that, on average, “women have SO much less upper body strength” than blokes to a ridiculous fucking degree.
      You cite the possible benefits of men playing up this role, but I very much doubt that the bartering ploy works very often as anything more than a one-sided “transaction”.

      • Sort of continuing from my response to Moshy McCyberpunk, it’s not really literal, lift this bag, you get this pussy.
        It’s a form of flirting. A form of stroking the man’s ego. A form of playing up the image that they would like to present. Now, if this gets fucking annoying and the woman is consciously using you because she also realizes all of this, then we get into the headgames and what have you. But that is the root of what you’re discussing. The why.
        And of course, any woman who would expect slavish devotion from a man in regard to doing her bidding re: lifting or any other matter has another thing coming when dealing with a real man.

        • i’m sorry, but i gotta ask…what’s with the demeaning nicknames you’re giving me?
          i’m not giving them to you. and in case you were confused; i’m not so stupid that i can’t pick up on your not-so-subtle sense of intellectual superiority.
          so in that respect, i am again a “unique snowflake” from all the other presumably retarded manipulative females you know.
          i’m just trying to have a conversation here. just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean you have to act like i’m a joke.

          • I was too lazy to actually scroll up to see your name while I was writing the comment. I thought the nickname was apropos. 🙂
            My tone shifts as the tone of the other person shifts. Your first comment was YO SON I BEAT DAT ASS MUHFUCKA!!!! Basically highly combative. My first response to that is derision and like-minded combativeness. As you’ve shifted to more of a discussion, I’ve shifted as well.
            Don’t worry about that ^. Go read the actual discussion comment.

          • i did. i’ve read everything on this page.
            but as i’ve tried to get across to you, i don’t find being addressed by diminutive nicknames (or diminutively ANYTHING) flattering.
            i like to be taken seriously,(which would account the apparent “bull-dyke”ishness of my initial comment? my vehemence can be misleading, something i think we have in common).
            and it is WAY more important to me that i be taken seriously intellectually than physically.
            but in all honesty, this nickname thing is probably just another example of our incredibly different points of view, and i can live with that, given your sincere response.
            …heh…reading this back to myself, i still feel like i sound angry. i’m not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree that women should have some fight in them, I don’t want them to be an echo of myself or whoever their facade happens to be. I also am not interested in women who think they’re my physical equals. In most cases they’re wrong, and if they’re right I’m just perplexed. I find femininity very attractive. Fair enough ,what femininity truely is, is not entirely well-defined, but when I see a soft, cute, voluptuous, gentle little thing I think I’ve hit the mark. She might punch, but it doesn’t bruise. I laugh when she gets angry. The kind that can’t help but care about people. She can’t resist cute little faces. I’d also say that more feminine women tend to have more ‘princess’ in them. It can be annoying, but I don’t mind the trade off. It’s like legislation I really want to get passed that ends up with something I don’t fancy being tacked on(happens regularly in the US). Pass it anyways, because it’s still worth it.
    I have an aunt who is more like what you’re talking about and she absolutely repulses me. I dont care if people don’t like it, I like a woman who is willing to let the man lead sometimes. In my own experience this is implicitly expected anyway. This specific point could very well be culturally influenced, but in any world as brutal as this one can be, men seem like the obvious leaders.
    There are sex differences, and they range from obvious physical and psychological ones to differences in mean scores on intelligence subtests.
    Nobody should believe these differences don’t exist or are purely cultural, and the quote you used is dangerously close to suggesting something alone those lines.

    • MRDA says:

      There you are!
      I was disappointed when I saw you erase your journal, so it’s good to see you commenting here.
      Femininity can be attractive to a certain degree and, again speaking for myself, I wouldn’t want a woman I get together with to lack that gentler side. Note by “masculine”, I don’t mean an obnoxious, repellent loudmouth of a female, but rather one who recognizes herself as more than “just a woman” and doesn’t need a bloke to pick up all her slack and get her out of every fix. It’s obvious that, for the most part, the gender differences go beyond the cultural. Many a stereotype undoubtedly has truth to it. Nevertheless, I just don’t like the fact that such a template finds use as a tool to beat up on females who stand outside the norm. It’s just as harmful and dismissive as racial essentialism and I’m sure that’s all the quote was trying to get at.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: There you are!
        I knew it was awkward to suddenly vanish, but I didn’t feel like the journal was benefitting me, and I didn’t like having all my personal, sorry-ass rambles up for everyone to see, nor was I ready to spend the time editing them all to private or oblivion(delete them, that is). Also, I find I use the journal more as an unhealthy and paranoid escape at times than anything else. I can relate, in some form or another, to much of what I find in your journal. That’s a very refreshing feeling. Your list of 20 struck several chords with me, though some of the hateful feelings I feel I’ve gotten past, which I really like.
        PEACE, LOVE, and PANDA DOG!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: There you are!
        Might as well add another post! I see what you’re addressing is more the concept of “woman” as a spook. And as you can imagine I agree that it is repulsive to say that someone can’t be something just because they are called “woman”….or “man” for that matter! Women can be CEOs, women can be scientists, women can be leaders. Men can be emotionally sensitive. Neither gender has left these things to speculation. By those comments I do not mean that all women can be those things, nor that all men can be, only that being a man or a woman alone does not preclude one from being those things. The only thing women are excluded from being in light of their womanhood alone without the sufficient conditions for being women. It just so happens that a lot else tends to come along with the two x chromosomes.
        I too prefer women who aren’t entirely dependent on ‘big strong men’ for those petty tasks, but this is nothin more than a personal preference. I think that’s important to remember.
        What is interesting here is that there are two different senses of femininity I can see. One of them is one without degree, that is to say “she is a woman, therefore she is feminine”. Then there is the feminine that refers to degrees of femininity. From, say, tomboys, to the typical woman, to the extreme examples of womanhood
        The second sort has the danger of falling into stereotypes but also makes plenty sense to have.
        That isn’t a perfect spectrum at all, it’s just meant to outline the second of the two senses here in which “feminine” might be used. Oh, and throw in that picture too. WOO!

    • Preach it, brotha.

    • “when I see a soft, cute, voluptuous, gentle little thing I think I’ve hit the mark. She might punch, but it doesn’t bruise. I laugh when she gets angry. The kind that can’t help but care about people. She can’t resist cute little faces. I’d also say that more feminine women tend to have more ‘princess’ in them. It can be annoying, but I don’t mind the trade off. It’s like legislation I really want to get passed that ends up with something I don’t fancy being tacked on(happens regularly in the US). Pass it anyways, because it’s still worth it.”
      In fact, that sums up my personal sentiment perfectly. Exactly, accurately, and to an alarmingly precise degree.

    • melibita says:

      You or daemon certainly wouldn’t choose me as a mate is all I have to say. 😛

  5. When I was 17, I traveled alone to an oceanside town for a long weekend. When I was 19, I drove halfway across the country with a friend, but made the return trip alone. I couldn’t believe how many people questioned the safety of ‘a woman traveling alone,’ as if a penis would somehow ward off attackers or car troubles. Sure, upper body strength is useful, but I find a quick brain to be MORE useful in any situation.
    And as for lifting and carrying – I’ve lived alone for many years, and people still chide me for moving furniture and boxes around by myself. How do they think the stuff got in here in the first place? Carrying around the Boobs of Doom is more likely to damage my back than shoving around my sofa.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that the partner(s) one chooses are more of a reflection of self-image than anything else. A man who is insecure, considers himself somehow weak or lacking, will be more drawn to a needy, fragile woman. A more confident, almost cocky man is more likely to go for a woman who wants but doesn’t need him. At least that’s how it’s always worked out for me.

    • “as if a penis would somehow ward off attackers or car troubles. Sure, upper body strength is useful, but I find a quick brain to be MORE useful in any situation.”
      The reason people are concerned, is basically the crime rate. Women alone are more likely to get victimized. You don’t need me to tell you the statistics for rape. A woman walking down a dark alley might get mugged OR raped, or both, a man’s chance of being raped are infinitesimal outside of prison.
      Also, the whole physical size thing is a deterrent. A five foot something female presents less of a challenge to a criminal than a six or six something male. Also, men tend not to carry purses that are ripe for snatching.
      I’ve known several women who got attacked. My own mother included. And it would not have happened if it was me. Or if I was present. And hence why the hubbub about women traveling alone. Though you needn’t worry about us guys. We’re busy shooting each other to death in the inner cities at an impressive clip. Pun intended.
      The last part gives me trouble because once again it really verges on extremes and smells more of personal vendetta and venom than an accurate assessment. Like you’re either needy and fragile, or “I-don’t-need-no-man” ice bitch. With the correlating male stereotypes.
      Like you’re either a good athlete and stupid, or you’re a weakling nerd. Like you’re either physically attractive and mentally deficient, or you’re a disgusting fat/hideous slob with the IQ of God. That type of thinking permeates too many perceptions of others, to where it’s become second nature among the contemporary discussions of culture that I’ve run into.
      Who chooses what mate for what reason is too ridiculously complex and variable confounded to discuss in the comment span of a single entry.
      Just my twelve million cents.

      • a full 180degrees from my rather hostile beginnings in this post, i have to say that here i really agree with you.
        i’ve known lots of girls who don’t think they are more likely to be attacked. they are fooling themselves, possibly dangerously. the things you listed are perfect evidences of this.
        sure, the fact that i look like a scrapper helps me out a little bit in that area.
        but as we’ve observed from this whole thing, it’s obviously not as good as being, say; you, in such a situation. and it’s also a bit of a deterrent when it comes to the mating and whatnot.

      • I’ll be sure to give this all the consideration it deserves…

  6. noshot says:

    The most masculine women I’ve known in my life were crackheads.

  7. biscayne says:

    I lift my own shit, carry a pocketknife, and do most things alone.

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