Thought Noise!! MRDA’s First Multi-Pointer Strike of 2007!!

So I resolved not to make anything approaching a New Year’s resolution. My reason? I think it stupid to do something just to fall in line with custom and out of a ‘fresh burst’ feeling-of-the-moment. I haven’t had great success with realizing those I made in previous years, so I will devise plans as and when I deem them appropriate. My power to will works best when it follows my will-to-power, after all……


Saddam’s execution provoked a myriad of thoughts. I find it extremely fitting the fucker got tried and executed under the rules he made, by the people he oppressed. At the same time, I can’t say that it brought me anything approaching pleasure to hear of it – in fact I think of the whole execution as a token gesture that fell somewhat flat. Iraq still swims in his own shit with no sign of sanitation, and Bush sending more troops just strikes me as – similarly pointless. It would please me to see a withdrawal, gradual or not, taking place sometime this year – I guess time will lay forth the answer there, one way or another…..


Walking home from work earlier, I remembered summat someone said to me years ago along the lines of: "You should work five-days-a week. You’re still young in body so …."

I can’t remember the exact wording, but that sums it up purdy well.

Today I wondered if the residue of Ressentiment lingers in sentiments such as those – and a very velvet-gloved form of Ressentiment at that…

…..a desire, on that person’s part, to see the youth worked out of my mortal frame.

It isn’t unlike some (comparatively) poor person saying: "Bill Gates is stinking rich – he should give a chunk of his cash to charity – he doesn’t need all of it, surely?"

It comes from the same pool of thought as Doc Ock saying in Spider Man 2: "Intelligence isn’t a privilege its a gift; it should be used for the good of mankind."

From each according to ability, to each according to decree…..


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