MRDA Loves the Bush (Part 2)…..and Other Appraisals…

Reading the concluding book of the Preacher saga whilst listening to Kate Bush "make a deal with God"? Extremely. Fucking. Apt.

Like religion, ‘Running Up That Hill’ sounds as if it wants to climb up and touch the Never-Never Land called Heaven; unlike religion, the song, every time I listen to it, makes me think that such a place (or should I say state?) a) may not be chimerical and b) may just prove within reach. In fact, hearing that song playing on the speakers at work sent me on my album-hunting foray where I discovered – and rediscovered – many a quality tune sculpted by this remarkable woman – time and money extremely well spent! I look forward to taking this musical expedition ever the further…..

And returning to the subject of Jesse Custer, will HBO kindly put the acceleration on this adaptation? It certainly possesses the potential to be something special in their hands…..


After spending nearly an entire week watching the Gungrave show, I must say how awed I am that an animé based on a video game not only outstrips all others of its ilk, but holds its own as one of the most competently plotted,deftly-characterised and ruthlessly engaging stories told in any medium. A potent blend of the Sopranos, Universal Soldier, Frankenstein and the most heartbreaking of Shakespearian tragedies, Gungrave finds itself topped off with hints of Gunbuster and Berserk in terms of plot structure. In another allusion to the latter show, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell very much come across to me as Mafioso mirrors of Guts and Griffith – which rates as a plus in my book! In terms of visuals, it’s a sheer delight to the eyes and the moody opening sequence, with its eerie instrumentals, help this series come across as the animated equivalent of a HBO drama. The real gold star shot of the whole package however? The meaty characterisation which gives the viewer an insight into the multiple facets of all the major players on this stage. See it, see it – you will not be disappointed, nakama!


As I walk the streets of Newham I notice something of a disturbing trend in the making….

…..packets of condoms lining the streets of my ever-beloved borough…..

….nothing out-of the ordinary about that…..

….except these packets seem to be UNOPENED!!

No pun intended but – if my eyes didn’t deceive me – WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Do people just carry those things round for show?

No wonder inner-cities find themselves populated by teenage pram-pushers!

The bulk of Newhamites around me strike me as an obnoxious and toxic-enough lot without another generation of the fuckers popping out of the cunts of their inebriated, loudmouth, too-much-too-young mothers.

So much for the "Keep Newham Tidy" campaign!

Would it actually kill that lot to actually use condoms…. or swallow?

If so, it’d be a beneficial side effect……


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3 Responses to MRDA Loves the Bush (Part 2)…..and Other Appraisals…

  1. Preacher is teh hotness. Is Kate Bush related to Stan Bush? Because that would be the best thing ever.

  2. goodbye_doll says:

    Stupid people shoud certainly, certainly use condoms!!!!
    It reminds me of something my mom was telling me about- that since the percentage of Black women who have AIDS in a certain city have been rising(about, oh 40%), a politician has decided, “Hmmm. Since a lot of black women have sex with black men, and a lot of black men are in prison. . . .
    How brilliant. 🙁
    By the way, I like your new LJ look!

  3. wow, the only thing more disturbing (if not less disgusting) than used condoms is unopened ones! how frightening!

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