MRDA Calls for a Manhunt: Bring Me the Head(s) of the BBFC!!

And is the truth of the faith, say, which we are not to doubt; the majesty of the people, which we are not to strike at (he who does is guilty of – lese-majesty); virtue, against which the censor is not to let a word pass, that morality may be kept pure; – are these not "fixed ideas"? Is not all the stupid chatter of most of our newspapers the babble of fools who suffer from the fixed idea of morality, legality,Christianity, and so forth, and only seem to go about free because the madhouse in which they walk takes in so broad a space? Touch the fixed idea of such a fool, and you will at once have to guard your back against the lunatic’s stealthy malice…They first steal his weapon, steal free speech from him, and then they fall upon him with their nails. Every day now lays bare the cowardice and vindictiveness of these maniacs, and the stupid populace hurrahs for their crazy measures.

Max Stirner



Last week’s whole pathetic Manhunt 2 case proved a major plot progression in the ongoing narrative of Slave Britannia…..

As if the upcoming smoking ban doesn’t prove a juicy-enough development…..

Seriously, though – if anyone talks about terrorists attacking us out of envy of our freedoms, I’ll just point them in the direction of this entry and others like it. Either that, or give them directions toward the offices of the consummate villains of this piece – the BBFC.


That’s right the British Bureaucracy of Fascist Cunts British Board of Film Classification, the guys that put those colourful little age roundels on the DVDs and games freeborn Britons buy, stand as one of the last bastions of a Victorian, utilitarian slave morality that pops up every so often and on the Tory boy pages of the Daily Mail and underneath the topless totty in The Sun (thereby raising the tit count on Page 3 – to three!)

It doesn’t really cause me to wring my bedsheets if someone or other wants to plaster warnings, advisories and whatnot over my audio-visual entertainment…..

…..but when that someone has the fucking nerve to erect themselves over me as some kind of paternalistic moral authority by deciding what I can or cannot see,well….

Honestly, I really wished the BBFC, along with Parliament and various members of the press and populace, shared a neck amongst them when I read about Manhunt 2 this time last week! Especially when I read that it got banned in the wake of the controversy surrounding the first game; do the British press and public have the memories of fucking goldfish, or do they not remember that the game which allegedly beckoned Warren Leblanc to kill was found in the room of the VICTIM!? And no, I don’t buy the protests of Pakeerah’s dad (as seen in last Friday’s Sun ) that Leblanc lent their son the game; either way, it hardly squares with their professed supervisory stance against violent video games in their house, and I smell a rather pungent mix of grief and greed behind his actions since the murder; it’s nice to know that the BBFC can selectively block their noses – surely a trait to envy….

Their nostrils seem to flare up at other times however, usually when the smell of sex, or violence, or Anglo-Saxon, or (in the case of Rebel Without a Cause) teenage rebellion chokes their air. But even here the standards get applied inconsistently; why do they excise scenes of headbutting from The Matrix, yet deem Ned Beatty and Monica Belluci getting raped (in Deliverance and Irreversible respectively) passable? Do they try to send out a message with this seeming inconsistency, that rape stands as acceptable, yet headbutting simulacra does not?

And let’s not get stuck into animé either! I still remember La Blue Girl getting a certificate refusal from the BBFC bigwigs a decade ago, and comparing and contrasting the UK and US releases of the Urotsukidoji saga proves a polarization of extremes! Plus, I haven’t forgotten the recent case of Paranoia Agent, a show I considered buying the boxset of, getting a paedicentric case of suicide excised on the grounds of "possible imitation" (never mind the fucking 18 certificate stamped on the box). Between this and a surprising amount of BBFC support by sections of the UK fan base, no wonder I and other clued-up animé fans choose to import at times…..

Anything to escape the "standards" of a rabble of repressives who would otherwise find themselves scratching their balls in the dole queue or under a bus shelter if it weren’t for their employment in the real-life wing of the Ministry of Truth. The BBFC and their weakness-endorsing, puritanical, egalitarian standards have no place in my life. Newsflash fuckers – by banning in order to keep the weak of mind and faint of heart content and calm, you effectively undermine the capacities of those of a stronger and more rational mien; by chopping films to ribbons for the sake of the children, you insult, undermine and contribute to the erosion of any notion of parental responsibility. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to see what egalitarianism looks like without make up, there you have it!

But I wonder if I may just become a lone voice screaming in the wilderness over this issue, seeing as the Britons "that never, never, never shall be slaves" seem intent on becoming just that. Oh well, carry on marching in lockstep, you moralistic muppets – I’ll just be here watching Amano Jyaku and Co. beating back tentacled todgers on my Stateside-imported copy of Urotsukidoji once again…..

…… after I get my hands on that uncut Dutch copy of Ichi the Killer, that is…..


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5 Responses to MRDA Calls for a Manhunt: Bring Me the Head(s) of the BBFC!!

  1. harlockhero says:

    This concerns only a small portion of the entry, but I don’t see how they could remove the young girl’s suicide from Paranoia Agent, since it’s the central focus of an ENTIRE EPISODE. In that whole episode, from beginning to end, there’s not a single scene without that girl in it, and not a single scene in which she’s not talking to the other members of her SUICIDE PACT about, well… suicide. I guess the whole episode is gone?

  2. psuedoid says:

    It’s very difficult to find quotes that distill Stirner’s genius and general tone so well as that one, I remember it well because when I first read those words they resonated with me.
    Is not all the stupid chatter of most of our newspapers the babble of fools who suffer from the fixed idea of morality, legality,Christianity, and so forth, and only seem to go about free because the madhouse in which they walk takes in so broad a space?
    It’s just too pretty not to repeat.
    But…they actually banned the game…wow! I’ve read that New York state was going to up the criminalization of its sale to minors and require parental controls on consoles, but they will be legally challenged over this and it could well be overturned. For all the pontificating on freedom in this country…people really do value it to some degree…I’m sure if the US tried to ban a game so publicly there would be an extreme reaction.
    Your accounts of the actions of these mysterious ‘censors’ that I never knew existed before are a little worrisome. Makes me a little gladder to live where I do, where even frenchies writing about conspiracy 9-11 theories are given the time of day(time television).
    Silly Britain! If they’re gonna ban something ,at least make it somethin good…like Michael Jackson(the..err…”man” himself) or maybe apes screwing jackasses..something good! I might have to write a letter.

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