A Clash of Civilizations!! A Clash of Priorities!!

Something that’s come to my attention recently…..

Muslims, the Great Satans of the secular Western World and it’s ideals of freedom want to organize a benefit gig for those on the receiving end of the “massacre” perpetrated by their professed “brothers” in Darfur. They, the perceived threat to freedom, peace justice and all the rest of it actively want to do something to restore said values to a stricken part of the world.

Meanwhile, in the West we recently had a gig to raise awareness of the great scourge that we call….global warming, a theory that stands hotly-contested amongst actual scientists and by no means as conclusive as the average layman likes to think. Emitting carbon and burning energy in order to protest against – emitting carbon and burning energy!

My scepticism about throwing money at problems aside, it amuses me that a group of people notorious for their mysticism seem resolved to tackle a problem residing in reality; their Western “superiors”, on the other hand, seem to spend most of their time encouraging martyrdom, submission (read: islam) amongst its masses in the interest of appeasing the angry, afflicted goddess known as Gaia, whose rape may prove to be nowt more than chimerical speculation.

Just an observation……


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6 Responses to A Clash of Civilizations!! A Clash of Priorities!!

  1. goodbye_doll says:

    Global warming is so real. You and your over suspiscion of conspiracy theories. . . I still can’t believe that you don’t think it’s real.
    Psh, we’ll talk about it again in 50 years.:P

    • bastardzero says:

      Disputable: All of the ‘facts’ about global warming.
      Indisputable: It’s the best thing that ever happened to the left.
      The same is true of terrorism in regards to the right.

  2. ubermensch says:

    re: global warming
    two words: los angeles/

  3. psuedoid says:

    Sir, global warming can only be genuinely questioned insofar as there is a lack of proper knowledge and/or understanding(facts and good theory), or new information and understanding is generated which displaces the older stuff. “Global warming” long ago passed the threshold of reasonable concern and by now is on the radar of people in the know. It is not in dispute by ‘real’ scientists, a few scientists by profession who are “healthily skeptical” and special interest scientists don’t count as a serious challenge to the resounding concern of relevant scientists. Lay people are far more likely to underestimate global warming and flat-out dismiss it than are scientists. It’s easy for them because they can use invalid arguing and end up as the blind leading the blind.
    It is specifically the emission of carbon dioxide that is of concern, not plain carbon. We are carbon-based lifeforms, we eat carbohydrates, carbon is plentiful in the earth, but it doesn’t cause serious global warming issues until it combines with two oxygen atoms to form CO2.
    Skepticism is fine, acting like worry over global warming is a waste of time is just a bad bias. This isn’t some lovely bug that might go extinct, it’s the climate of the Earth that affects just about everyone. While you still may not care, you don’t appear to have anywhere near the expertise required to even begin to dismiss ‘global warming’. Some people will exploit the phenomenon, but this has nothing to do with global warming itself and everything to do with the people.
    There is such thing as a non-political perspective. Forming strong opinions without good reasoning and a foundation of knowledge is submission.

    • MRDA says:

      “It is not in dispute by ‘real’ scientists, a few scientists by profession who are “healthily skeptical” and special interest scientists don’t count as a serious challenge to the resounding concern of relevant scientists.”
      By what criteria would the GW proponents be “‘real’ scientists”? This comes off as an argument from authority.
      Also, it could be argued that my lack of expertise should make me all the more wary of accepting the global warming theory unreservedly like many in the press, media and public seem to have done. It cuts both ways. You notice I take a relatively agnostic stance with this post, right? Global warming might be happening, mankind might be contributing to it, but that’s all the more reason to be sceptical, as I see it; since much of our info comes from mysterious authorities, how do we know that details aren’t being omitted, exaggerated or fabricated to serve some agenda or other? We just have to take it on a “they know best” premise, which always fills me with trepidation; any truth in the matter may be just a convenient Trojan Horse for a bundle of dubious “facts”, and outright lies.
      Don’t you find it eerie how everyone, everywhere seems to have leapt on this alarmist bandwagon just over this last year? I know I do….

  4. psuedoid says:

    If you know some science behind it, it’s not so mysterious, which is a big part of what I’m trying to say. I have scientific knowledge that extends considerably beyond the average layperson’s stock and global warming only seems more convincing to me. This is not because science has brainwashed me. I would be elated if global warming turned out to be no problem at all. An argument from authority? No. I never said that because scientists generally agree that it means global warming is happening. It was in fact you who mentioned dissonance among true scientists as a reason to doubt global warming. I was pointing out that this is not true, most scientist do agree. My main point was that urgency over the issue should not be dismissed, and focus on it is one of the more prudent and intelligent activities of humans right now.
    It’s not eerie at all to me that people suddenly got on board with this. The press started covering it and new, stronger evidence came out. Scientists are surer than they ever have been that this is serious shit. People who pooh-pooh it perplex me. I have yet to meet a person who knows what they’re talking about and doesn’t at least give global warming very serious consideration. I feel like you would have called the round-earth a big fraud, one fabricated to get you to confidently sail right over the edge….
    Science just isn’t very accessible, and that is one of the grave challenges of public policy making that involves cutting edge science. I am not feeling an “agnostic” stance from your post at all. It contains misinformation, and you go on to compare and say it’s not a “problem in reality”, albeit indirectly. I’ve written about this before. Global warming isn’t a punch in the face. Not west nile virus, but HIV/AIDS. Not heroin, but cigarettes.
    Btw, GWB was not on the bandwagon until recently, nor was FOX news. They’re on now because that’s just how strong the evidence is. God has communicated with them.

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