Queen of Hades (Scorpionic II)


He pulls the limbs of Chronos
twists both of them right back
He tars Apollo’s visage
marks every inch pitch-black
Tonight gives rise to Hades
his underworld takes hold
Don’t walk alone, Persephone
your flesh he craves, I’m told

He’ll pull you down
Tear clean your gown
Engorge your gorge of all renown
In you, he’ll writhe; in him, you’ll drown
Anointment – then you’ll wear his crown

Held in his grasp
His Dark Madonna
His sacred whore
He’ll lace you with
his blackened pearls
A gift unfit
for lesser girls

For half your life
you’ll be his wife
His time of peace?
Our time of strife!
He’ll find his bliss
in your abyss
But Dendrit’s brood?
They fall – jaundiced!

Demeter – her heart freezes
yet it is I who’ll shiver
On your knees, you’ll taste Hades
like vultures do my liver
Within his world of darkness
you’ll die a thousand deaths
as he takes rise between your thighs
his heights caress your depths

He stands erect in darkness
whilst you bathe in clean sight
he’ll take, break-in, remake you
his Lady of the Night
Quickened pace
or trip from grace?
Decide this not at leisure!
I foresee pain
in acts profane…

(…or will such yield you – pleasure?)


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11 Responses to Queen of Hades (Scorpionic II)

  1. chise says:

    That was perfectly amazing.
    I am totally turned on now. haha!

  2. rawr_becca says:

    It’s dark and creepy and unnerving. I really like it, though. It’s been hella long since I’ve seen any poetry from you.

  3. bastardzero says:

    Your sarcastic sense humor stands as the moral compass of your essays and it’s pretty effective here. I’d like to see you write fiction or something sooner or later.

    • MRDA says:

      Fiction? It’ll happen soon enough!
      Which parts of the poem struck you as sarky?

      • bastardzero says:

        Any morbid poem so devoid of narcissism is, by default, something of a sarcastic jab at other morbid poems. That the worldview behind this is a change of pace from the usual “Woe is me” mindset behind most morbid poems is delightful, and a delightful poem of such dark subject matter is ironic and- blablabla. Sorry, critiquing poetry in depth makes me feel like a pompous ass!

      • bastardzero says:

        Also that the poem is subtly and then overtly aware of the subject’s masochism. The timing of how this is recognized is pretty funny.

  4. You’ve talent. Produce more.

  5. caprizchka says:

    Oh yes. 🙂

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