Quote of The Day (That Was)

This film, I hope, rapes the viewer into how to become an independent thinker.
-Michael Haneke on remaking his film Funny Games for an Anglophone audience
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  1. bastardzero says:

    I was interested in Funny Games at first, but the more interviews I read from the director, the more certain I am that I’d be paying ten bucks to sit through a two hour version of an “I hate America” youtube video. It certainly looks well crafted and aptly manipulative, but I don’t admire professionalism or skill to the point that I want to sit through a two hour lecture on why I suck.
    I’ll watch it when I get a chance to see it for free, so I don’t feel guilty about turning it off if it annoys me.

    • MRDA says:

      Hehe – that quote strikes out on sooo many levels – good and not-so-good I just had to reproduce it here. There’s the audacity aspect which always stands as admirable; then of course you have the implicit assumptions of (and contempt for) his target audience which amuses and insults me by turns. The rest of his interview had him just assuming the mental ineptitude of his audience, based on the fact they may want to watch Commando and Die Hard; hardly an original critique and not necessarily an accurate one.
      Now I think about it, am I – the Anglophone ignoramus – the one who needs to be raped into independence, or….?

      • bastardzero says:

        I think it’s safe to assume that Haneke’s goal is to belittle everyone who speaks English as their first language. An actual quote goes something like “Now that it’s in English, it’s finally found the right audience!” Right, because Germany is about the last place on earth you should expect to find sadists.

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