“Does My Mushroom Cloud Look Big in This?”

Now this is a catwalk line that actually grabs my interest…..



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3 Responses to “Does My Mushroom Cloud Look Big in This?”

  1. bastardzero says:

    Roger Ebert’s Thunderdome review mentioned the insane fashion, saying something like “It seems that between scavenging for food and fighting, the survivors have just enough free time to come up with new punk hairstyles.”
    The only issue I have is that he should’ve used bodybuilders and circus freaks as his models.

    • MRDA says:

      Haha – yeah! The end of the world is the beginning of style!
      And for sheer seven-scarred shamelessness, Galliano really should’ve gone for pro-wrestlers and bodybuilders – Fist of the North Star extras ftw!

  2. konami says:

    If this is really going to be the new fashion for the winter, well you better get used to calling me a FASHION-POSER cuz I’m going to be all on it.

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