A Nation Cried: “Vagicide!”

Another week, another slew of soldiers killed in action…..

…but amidst the flock of the fallen, one corpse stands out….

…its name in life – Sarah Bryant (isn’t that a Virtua Fighter character?)….

You see Ms Bryant has the prestigious honour for being the first recorded woman to die since combat began in Afghanistan!

Yes, by virtue of possessing a vag, Sarah has undergone something of a canonization in the eyes of the UK press; I half-expect Elton to record yet another version of ‘Candle in The Wind’ to tail-end the tragedy!

A lily for the fallen lily who fluttered in the breeze ever so delicately,until….*SNAP*!

Now I see why so many fought so fervently to bar women from joining the forces – the poor dears might, you know…. die?

Media chauvinism FTW, ladies and gents! But of what stripe? Male? Female? A bit of both?

I’ll leave that for you to decide, dear reader…..


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2 Responses to A Nation Cried: “Vagicide!”

  1. bastardzero says:

    I guess we’re gonna have another Toby Keith single to pollute the airways.
    Now we truly HAVE sacrificed too much to leave now! (and stop sacrificing)

  2. sofieloafy says:

    It’s a good thing she’s white and attractive too. That always helps. Imagine if she were missing! That would truly be news!! Or is that just an American thing?

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