The Power of the Oontz-Oontz Riff compels you!!

Though s series of convolutions I came across the work of one Scott Albert, a.k.a Klayton, a.k.a Celldweller. Some real good shit, right there. Reminds me of NIN, but much, much better than Trent’s latest effort!

Later on along the timeline, I discover that Celldweller fronted a band known as Circle of Dust, a *Christian* industrial metal band, no less!

Out of some kind of morbid curiosity, I decided to give them a listen or two…..


I never thought Christians could shred and oontz-oontz with such ferocity and conviction – some of their secular counterparts could certain take a few notes from their sonic Bible!

Lyrically their stance is obvious without being overstated for the most part. Some lyrics like the chorus of ‘Onenemy’ (Four cycles moving on/three dark days and death is gone/two wishes to fulfill/only onenemy to kill) have a certain intrigue about them….

….. almost makes me wanna dust off my old Bible and play Chase the Reference…..

Never thought I’d say it, but those Crischun boys sure can rock like a muthacane!


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4 Responses to The Power of the Oontz-Oontz Riff compels you!!

  1. A Down fan are you ?

    • MRDA says:

      More a Pantera fan, though I do remember Phil spouting the title line before (without the oontz-oontz)!
      Phil Anselmo – how often words of both extreme genius and extreme stupidity fall from his mouth!

      • Actually, that was Jimmy Bowers phrase. Well I used to think that Anselmo was an intelligent dude…but after Pantera broke up I saw what a dick he was. Honestly I just think that the dude is crazy… Sadly I really can’t enjoy his music anymore. I was a HUGE Pantera/ Down fan. I was actually the first person I knew to have the Down CD in 96.
        Really its classic stuff. Almost even more than Pantera, but Pantera was more original. Dimebag just came up with a ton of awesome riffs. Yeah you could see the influences but he really made them his own. Also they were really great in concert and they could have been the best live act ever if Phil didn’t constantly break the flow with his rants… Not to take away from the dude because even though I think that he is an idiot and a hypocrite, still he is great at what he does.
        What a waste.

  2. ubermensch says:

    I remember they used to have advertisements for circle of dust in “industrial nation” magazine. oddly enough, these ads said nothing whatsoever about the band’s religious beliefs…..

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