An excerpt from Andy Nowicki’s rather impressive Considering Suicide.

The authorities want to sell you a revolution to prevent you from making one. Not that any revolution would be worthwhile. Revolution would probably mean serving new masters, probably more brutal and more cunning than the ones we already serve. Neither worshipping the system nor changing the system nor overthrowing the system is likely to yield any results. The only answer is to be anti-social, hostile to all would-be overlords who would claim your allegiance.
Andy Nowicki

Hopefully, I’ll have my review knocked out within the next week or two…


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  1. konami says:

    “Authorities” but I have never heard of a revolution that is not headed by elites of some authority. People have a foolish idea of revolution as if people without power can overthrow a thing. Such a thing is a peasant-revolt not a revolution. A revolution requires a power-base.
    But if some elites disagree with other elites, indeed they are “revolutionaries”, it can indeed be called a revolution (Sure there are fakes but this doesn’t make them ALL fakes, such a logical fallacy). The real matter is it’s all idealized but ultimately every revolution will fall into mediocrity as the intellectuals who lead the cause die and the idealism dissolves, with age comes decay and entropy. It’s the law.

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