Interesting—a Threefold K.O!

I’d say the root of the libertarian dead end is looking at the idealized “human,” rather than the existing advanced primate. It’s a bit ironic that both conservatives and the left have a love/hate relationship with evolution/genetics etc. On the one hand conservatives often emphasize nature over nurture, but do so by holding to an ideal or divine human nature rather than the actual existing advanced primate nature, since that view leads to a lot of ugly truths, as well as the extinction of the “sanctity” and “sacredness” of traditions. Then you’ve got liberals who think they can outsmart nature and selectively use Darwinism to make fun of religious people, all while believing in hyper-egalitarianism that simply isn’t compatible with what we know about genes, IQ and so on. Libertarians are generally guilty of all the above to differing degrees depending on the person.


Stirner and Darwin dance a tango in the inferno, waiting for the signal to scorch the heavens….


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    “What has your philanthropy (love of men) found? Nothing but unlovable men!”

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