Season’s Bleatings and Heathen’s Greetings…


As an atheist, and a bloke with a rudimentary grasp of history, I always break out a smirk when Christfolk wail about materialism and hedonism drowning out the “true meaning” of the season; seeing as how the preceding pagan festivities emphasised such qualities, before their co-option by Christ, such Godsquad griping evokes images of a rapist getting indignant at his prey for fighting back.


That said, I care just as little for the whole crusade against “Christmas” being pushed by some irate co-irreligionists. Maybe it’s age, laziness, or fucked-up priorities, but hearing the words “Merry Christmas” leaves me strangely un-irritated. In an age where Christ’s (Western) fanbase weakens and dwindles, I doubt thoughts of the Little Lord Jesus hold much prominence in the minds of most well-wishers, many of them simply repeating the words as a sentiment of goodwill and good cheer.


As such, when the bird in the chip shop wished me a “Merry Christmas” yesterday, I simply responded with “you too”: took less syllables than “happy holidays”, at any rate!


Christians , stop crying! Atheists, quit angsting! Pagans, pour another one! I’ll be over here, gorging myself on gobblers, laughing at the goings-on in EastEnders, and draining the sprit of the season from the gullet of a glass…


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3 Responses to Season’s Bleatings and Heathen’s Greetings…

  1. Schoma says:

    Ah, but what Christmas would be complete without the annual Crusaders’ Cockfi… I mean, “Battle of the Beliefs”? It’s about the only interesting thing on the telly or the Internet during the Festering Season!

  2. Its not for nothing they say age mellows u!

  3. K.U. says:

    Liberals and Humanists are the most religious fuckers in this country. Nobody else is more dogmatic or mystical in their thinking. I mean, you think the Hypostatic Union is some bullshit, what about people who think minimum wage laws don’t affect employment? Absolute magical thinking and denialism. If they could see what utterly faith-oriented fanatics they are their tiny little heads would explode.

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