Mirai no MRDA: An Infernal Futurespective


And so, lushes and reprobates, we arrive in the year 2015 with nary a hoverboard or flying car in sight. I’ve felt kinda cheated ever since this century/millennium began, waiting for the 21st-century space age speculated by many an 80s cartoon and Hollywood movie.

Still, there’s always broadband and blogging to dull the pain of dashed childhood expectations, and I plan to peck out many a provocative palliative over the next month or twelve. Topics up for Infernal attention over the next 364 solar culminations include:

Of course, there’ll also be the usual current-events-triggered tirades, a few more one-two jabs against democratic thought and politics, general immolations of identity politics of all stripes, and PC, and a cudgelling of conservatisms, concealed and candid.  Others may have failed to deliver on the promise of a sci-fi heaven, but I’ll definitely deliver on opening up Hell.

Till the next Infernal episode…


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