MRDArous Aphorisms: Go Fo(u)rth!


  • Too often, folk who exhort you to “broaden your horizons” simply wish for you to narrow them to a rut of their choosing.
  • The laugh track: a confession of insecurity, if not abject contempt for both audience and material.
  • Pride: the psychological prophylactic.
  • To the oversocialised, all else appears autistic.
  • The “edgiest” explanation isn’t necessarily the most accurate.
  • Holding Eris at bay just gives her apples full sway.
  • Regardless of form, communication amounts to arrogance.
  • “Unprecedented” is not a synonym for “impossible”.
  • Mansplaining: Feminist for “logic”.
  • If you advocate male infant circumcision on the rationale that “he won’t remember”, what logical objection could you possibly have to “newborn porn”?
  • To be apart from the world whilst being a part of it – this I call mastery!
  • The romance of “the people”, of the beleaguered “masses yearning to breathe free”, is a fine thing to believe…provided you stay the fuck away from reality!
  • One person’s inconsequential annoyance is another’s existential nightmare.
  • Too often, an appeal to “loyalty” is a veiled way of saying “Betray yourself!”
  • Sometimes, the bottle can be a bridge to honesty with the self.
  • Whenever I hear talk of a “movement” these days, I can’t help but prefix it with “bowel”.
  • “Inner”? “Philosophical”? “Long-term”? Anything but the pomp and charade of “higher” values!
  • Innuendo: description and example.
  • “Separation of church and state” is often the bureaucrat’s way of saying: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me!”
  • The Internet, where the polarities of intellect reside and collide.
  • Troll maxim: “Every day is April Fool’s Day”
  • Strength or weakness: which of the two is father to your compassion?
  • They’ll scold you for “running away from your problems”, but what if your problems stem from the fact that you won’t?
  • Traditionalism: A euphemism for necrocracy.
  • Limitation: the heart of identity.
  • All things are halal to me.
  • If it ain’t my problem, why do I need to be “part of the solution”?
  • Following one’s interests > following “one’s” interest group(s).
  • The outsider, exception, anomaly, suffers more for his commonalities with the general run of humanity than he does for his points of divergence.
  • Pessimism: Another prophylactic to dull the disease of disappointment .
  • At the masquerade ball, ambition often finds itself mistaken for that thing called “humility”.
  • Sometimes, I can’t help but think that “read between the lines” is coded speech for “insert bias here” or “make shit up”.
  • “You’re shameless!” = ” How dare you not have a weakness I can exploit!”
  • Borg cube audition: “I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.”
  • The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose”… just as I cite him for my own.
  • “I did it for a higher cause!” = “Diplomatic immunity!”
  • If sin is so ugly, why are so many attracted to it?
  • Whenever someone preaches “unity” amongst bitterly fragmented parties, I always wonder who they want the “united” to beat up on, instead.
  • When you consider the canvas, the use of the phrase “line in the sand” to signal firmness sounds kinda ironic.
  • I wonder: Will the SJWs of transhumanist times bemoan their “oppression” by “the Circuitry”?
  • We live under a climate where one’s very existence stands to be weaponised, whether as bullet or bull’s-eye or both.
  • The urge to create and the urge to destroy: sometimes the two don’t stand apart.


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