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Must We Have Myths To Be Happy? by Mack Tanner

Originally posted on the now-defunct Build Freedom site, this noteworthy piece by one Mack Tanner fell beyond the reach of even the Wayback Machine. Fortunately, I had a printout lying around from way back when, and with a scan here, … Continue reading

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Ted Bundy: Philosophical Predator

I found this dialogue on a God-botherer site and I thought it worth sharing. Say what you will about Bundy’s deeds and desires, but I like his unflinching logic. Following is a recorded conversation between serial killer Ted Bundy and … Continue reading

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Sex and the Shibboleth

If rape isn’t about sex, there are an awful lot of penises and vaginas that need explaining. –Jim Goad   I’ll always get shit/I’ll always get shit/for acknowledging perversity… –American Head Charge A week or three back, a Guardian article … Continue reading

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Dumbarse Phrases: Democratard Dictum as a Deadly Decree

After reading a particularly potent response to Jim Goad’s ‘Electing Not to Vote’, I wonder if the democratard dictum, “If you don’t vote, you’ve no right to complain” betrays a certain unwitting assumption: namely that one’s freedom of speech is … Continue reading

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