Emotional Nudity

Don’t you just hate those moments when strangers catch you buck-naked? Nope, I’m not talking about your tits/dick being hung out to dry; I’m talking about psychological….emotional nakedness, when you feel something so acutely, it’s etched across your face. I guess the physical equivalent of that could be your pants suddenly falling to the floor whilst walking down the High Street….that’s the best way to describe it. you know those days when you’re so preoccupied with problems you don’t care about anything, least of all how you appear to the outside world…until the point when someone tells you "You looked pissy!" or even worse "Cheer up!" (I hate the "cheer up" brigade with a passion!) Thus the self-absorbed state slides toward its polar opposite – self-consciousness – and you feel worse than you did before. Great days….


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  1. kasku says:

    Ah, they’re not nearly as annoying as the “Cheer up love, it might never happen!” brigade. I always want to turn round to them and say, “If I’ve got this look on my face it probably already *has*.”

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