Love ISN’T Blind!

Okay, okay….pardon my bluntness, but who was the fucktard who haughtily declared “love is blind”? I’m sorry, but that’s one of the lamest sayings in the history of man’s hit-and-miss existence. Okay, I’m hardly an expert on relationships, having yet to (fully) experience one and all; but after a lot of casual pondering (oxymoron) of the subject, I’ve concluded that the reason a lotta relationships fuck up is because so many peeps buy into the aforementioned BS quote. I mean, when the majority of peeps “fall in love” do they actually LOVE the object of their affections, or are they just intoxicated by a chimera of what they want that person to be? It’s a thought that supports my belief that there’s more to this love malarkey than just throbbing hearts and Valentine kisses…there has to be SIGHT, people or else what’s the fucking point, eh? I mean if you’re just gonna walk into a relationship with blinders on then, sooner or later, the whole things gonna go tits-up, ain’t it? If you’re gonna start AND MAINTAIN a relationship with someone, you have to actually use yer mind’s eye to actually OBSERVE ..said person, seeing if what you see harmonizes with that skipped heartbeat. Same goes for your significant other too. If the two of yaz can see each other’s pros and cons, and the pros outsize and outnumber the cons in each other’s minds…you’re sorted for life (or at least a very long time..heheh). After all, walking into summat eyes shut will lead to you trying to mold your “love” into your inaccurate fantasy – next stop, heartbreak city!

See what I’m gettting at?

Love is SIGHT, ladies and gentlemen…..

…make that the new mantra and throw away that other shite…



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