“Cheer Up, You Rich Cunt – you’re sorted!” “Is that so…?”

I dunno..this is summat that ALWAYS bothers me; the implicit “working-class” belief that money will somehow buy happiness, signifying the end of ALL an individual’s problems. And don’t say such an attitude doesn’t exist – it’s prevalent amongst people who fall into the “poor” bracket. Don’t believe me? Why is it that when a “poor” person looks at a person plagued with emotional problems, who happens to be rich, more often than not they’ll say: “Yeah, right…. your wealthy life is SOOOO hard!” I mean where in life’s rulebook does it say that money will ensure an individual’s OVERALL well-being? Falling into the “working-class” bracket myself, I can personally attest that being out of pocket -especially when the wolf’s at the door – is anything but a laughing matter. An abundant bank account certainly increases opportunities and lessens your chances of landing in debtor’s gaol, but what else? When your every material, want, need and desire is satisfied, what other wonders do the riches bring? Inner peace? Spiritual harmony? True love? It is my EXPLICIT belief that, at best, money will solve only HALF your problems – in some cases, it even adds to the burdens. Money does not absolve or invalidate whatever non-material needs and problems a person may have. Feeling lovelorn, unfulfilled, alienated and generally shitty are not the exclusive monopolies of any one class…

Made my point?

I hope so…

…I’m out…..


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3 Responses to “Cheer Up, You Rich Cunt – you’re sorted!” “Is that so…?”

  1. pixietrle says:

    Point made…
    Although most are aware of this, most still want it…money that is. We are all on a search for what we don’t have and for most it will never stop till the end.

  2. kasku says:

    I totally agree with you on that one, not least of all because I’ve had it proved time and time again by personal experience.
    When I had a really well-paid stressful job I was the most unhappy person you’d ever have met, and yet now, with hardly any money, I feel richer than I ever have. I also place a lot of value on time rather than money. If I were earning £40,000 in the City (which I’m qualified to) I wouldn’t have the time that I have to do the things I want to do. Okay, so I can’t afford flying lessons or maids or expensive cars, but I can afford to give time to the people I care about, and to pursue my interests.
    Give me time over money any day of the week.

  3. ghostdog_ says:

    “money can’t buy you happiness” see, the old sayings are always the best ones.

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