Sometimes I Wish I Had My Own A.T. Field….

Browsing some of the communities on LJ has reassured me that I am not alone in feeling strongly about certain things…See, looking on the community huis clos, I came upon an entry by one dragonsxist concerning an issue very close to the bone – personal space. Basically, it seems that peeps today have a poor grasp of the concept, especially in our rat-race society…ever been sitting at a train station ,only to look up and see some random person’s derriere blocking your view.?I dunno – it just gets on my tits how people have no concept of each other’s – and especially my – boundaries….The Police song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” immediately springs to mind when stuck within breathing space of a random stranger. It’s just so goddamn fucking …..grrr! You get what I’m trying to say? What gives X the sanction to invade my personal “zone” …? I dunno, it sometimes think I’m trapped amongst a colony of worker ants who wish to erode me into their Hive or Collective – guh! It’s as if all notion of spatial awareness has been shot to Armageddon! That’s another bugger…the inconsiderate fuckers who insist on NOT paying attention to the fact that there are others in the street/ road/corridor who’ve actually got somewhere to go…you’ve got eyes and ears, people, so use them for fuck’s sake and stop damming up my path with your indecisive dithering….

Damn – emptied my chamber of bullets, for today – that felt soooo gooood….


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