Q&A (From Kasku)

Kasku : What do you do for a living? Do you enjoy it? If not, what would you prefer to be doing?

MRDA: I have a little Sunday job at Currys, running warehouse stock out to customers. It ain’t bad, but yeah, I’d rather be doing something more stimulating and creative, like writing – I write a lot and would love to get published someday….

Kasku: What made you start up a Live Journal? Did someone invite you to join?

MRDA: I just wanted someplace where my thoughts could breathe, instead of being trapped within the confines of my mind. I kinda stumbled across this site via other sites,as you do….:-)

Kasku: What was the best day of your life? What made it special? Describe it…

MRDA: Haha! I so HATE this kunda question. No offense, but it’s extremely difficult for me to pick out a day or days that strike(s) me as outstanding for the right reasons….I’d like to think my best days are yet to come…

Kasku: Where do you see yourself in five years?

MRDA: Hopefully in a superior, better-paying job than the one I have now. That’d be a good start! I’d want to have travelled here ‘n’ there too. Also, I’d like to think I’d have gotten off me arse and made some semblance of progress in my steps to become a writer. Most importantly, I’d love to have the heart of a special someone (yeah, I’m a soppy bastard really), and significantly improved confidence, self-esteem and work ethic…as I’m a lazy, self-doubting cunt! Heheh…

Kasku: What are your musical tastes and who do you think influenced them the most? Do you play an instrument? If not, which would you you like to play?

MRDA: My main musical tastes……….

1)80s Synth-pop – Reminds me of the good old days…beyond that, I just love the blend of talent, thought and technology that went into making those songs. The mainstream then was a lot more exciting and lyrically intelligent than it is now, though there was some degree of svengalism w/some bands then too. The “futuristic” use of synths is highly appealing to me.

Hard Rock/Metal – Got into metal as a result of various film and anime soundtracks floating around in the 90s. I just like the sound and energy and subversiveness of the genre as a whole. Also – as cliche as it sounds – I identify with many a lyric in these songs on a personal level…

Beyond that like any tune in any genre….as long as it’s any good (musically and/or lyrically)!

I’d love to master guitar, if only to play some of my fave rock & metal tunes…

In answer to your question concerning that “L word ” rant…things have calmed down and progress has been made….we’ll see how things go…;)

Hope I’ve cleared a few things up for ya….

1 – If you want to be interviewed, leave a comment.
2 – I will respond; I’ll ask you five questions.
3 – You’ll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 – You’ll include this explanation.
5 – You’ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

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  1. kasku says:

    Fabulous. 🙂
    Sorry about the best day question!
    If you’d like to interview back be my guest!

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