Dumbarse Slogans (Part II)

"There is no "I" in team"

Of all the incessant, insipid, cockdropping…GAH! I just hate this fucking phrase with a vengeance! An extremely irritating (read:WANKY) way of getting one to bend over and touch one’s toes for the wants and whims of the cocksucker who utters it. Ugh! I imagine this verbal piss-streak of a phrase being used in board rooms and staff meetings across the country – I certainly remember hearing it at my workplace and still cringe at the memory!

Of course the idiots who spout this garbage are also the same managers & employers who encourage their staff to think for themselves, "take initiative" ,and whatever individualistic statements they learned on their so-called ‘character-building’ courses. But of course the instant an employee moves to initiate an independent action, act on their independent judgement, they’re cut down by THAT dreaded catchphrase. Is it any wonder so many people are so fucking frustrated with their jobs? I mean, mixed messages will only generate mixed feelings, won’t they?

Of course such confusions and contradictions don’t just begin and end in the workplace. This sort of shit is generated by parents who (admirably) guide their children away from being puppets of peer pressure, only to impose their own dogmas – their own "do"s and "don’t"s – on the psyche of their kids. It’s all conformity; all surrender of the individual will to that of the group/authority figure. What’s the fucking difference? This shit continues in school where the pressure to "fit in" is set against that urging the pupil to "get ahead". And of course let’s not forget government and society at large, urging you to be independent and self-sufficient in order to sacrifice to the "Greater Good"…..where does the bullshit end?

Returning to THAT phrase, what these idiots who use it need to keep in mind is that any team or group is, at the end of the day, made up of INDIVIDUALS (in which there lie several "I"s). In short what is a "we" but a conglomerate of "I"s? Hardly rocket science – if only those who lead and participate in groups could remember that….

Whilst there may not be an "I" in the word "TEAM" there’s a "ME" screaming to be noticed…which amounts to the same thing….;)

Till the next exciting episode…


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3 Responses to Dumbarse Slogans (Part II)

  1. ghostdog_ says:

    Good stuff…you should go into socioligy (sp?) or something like that.
    Oh and the best counter to ‘there is no I in TEAM’ is ‘but theres a U in SUCCSESS, and only one of them as well’.

  2. kaitain says:

    I quite enjoyed that.

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