Knee-Jerk Knuckleheadery #1: The GM Furore…..

Okay, what exactly is sifting around in some peoples arseholes about this issue? Seriously! I mean, we keep hearing how these foods are bad and destructive, and all the rest, and how they should be banned, but we never actually get much in the way of a solid reason why…do they cause babies with dual heads to be born? Do they make you impotent or barren? The only effect I’ve noticed is they make the crops bigger…the more the merrier, surely? A possible antidote to world hunger, no? As Depeche Mode say, “everything counts in large amounts”…What IS the burning problem?

The only thing I’ve heard is that it contaminates crops of non-GM farmers….fair point, I concede – if it’s indeed true! But, even if it is shouldn’t these farmers think of some way of getting round the problem themselves, instead of boo-hooing and getting the government to fight their battles for them by limiting the free choice of others?

“Ban this… ban that… ban this book to save our brat”

Memories of Dunblane anyone? Or the Child’s Play (im)moral panic?

It’s like 90s revisited…

Here’s an idea – how’s about you shut the fuck up and use the energy spent bitching to look into the problem in more depth, instead of being force-fed spin and bullshit and liking it?

It’s always this way when summat new comes out – possible negativities are pointed out and lauded as the be-all-and-end all of the story; it gets reproduced as gospel by the government and the masses worship at the altar, demonizing dissent….

Sometimes I wonder how mankind made it past the Stone Age…..

All I hear are people talking & shouting a lot and saying next to fuck-all….


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