“Apathy” or Affirmation?

I’m not being funny here but, I get really pissed of with the simple-mindedness of some people when it comes to the issue of voting. I’m talking about those who, quick as a flash, leap on a high horse to throw blanket accusations of apathy at all who choose to abstain from the carousel of control inflicted on us every few years. Yeah, don’t get me wrong – some non-voters are indeed a bunch of apathetic apolitical fucks who’d sooner sit around scratching their balls than getting up to affect change. However – and this is a big however – there are those who DO care about the political process, yet have looked into the whole sordid affair and seen the same scams hidden under differing visages.

Question:How are those who do vote necessarily less apathetic than those who abstain; are these people themselves taking the path of least resistance, choosing the most harmful way of exhibiting their laziness?

Yes, I know your vote’s a precious thing and all that, but does it remain so once you place it in the hands of the hands of the worthless and undeserving? I mean how many times do you have to tell peeps that “free healthcare” isn’t free at all? Half the tax money stolen from your paycheck is pilfered on politicos on fuck-knows-what (Bureaucracy? BMWs? Blowjobs?). I mean, here we stand in an age where policy takes second place to posturing and preening….where sincerity is ditched in favour of the soundbite . People will only allow themselves to be sold down the river so many times, before they raise a middle finger up at the process that duped them into believing they had a say over their own lives….

Speaking from a more personal perspective, the reason I’ve abstained from voting in elections past (general and local) is that I have yet to encounter a party here that caters to my values. If I was an American I’d most likely pitch up me ol’ tent in the Libertarian camp; but I’m here in Blighty where I have to put up with the idiocies of two opposing wings, each manipulating and restricting the lives of thousands…..nae, millions….to line their pockets (not to mention their stomachs).

Someone once said that the questionable “virtue” of democracy was simply “the freedom to choose our own dictators”.

In this climate, I’d say that bloke/bird was onto something…..


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  1. ghostdog_ says:

    I look at it in much the same way, apart from I think the problem with democracy is that its majority rule, why is that bad?…..because the majority of people are much too uneducated, uncaring, or simply stupid to understand the complexity of it (me included). But then, isn’t democracy simply the best of a bad bunch?

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