Turn the other cheek…..what’s that?

Only now in the convergence of disparate thought do I realise how incapable of true forgiveness I really am. I mean, I can certainly put on the front of finery….but beyond that? Well…it’s one thing to act out the motions of forgiveness – it’s a whole other thing actually having the heart to do so. To actually allow the resentment to fall away – to excrete it from your system – is harder than professing that such has occurred. Sometimes the act of forgiveness can do a disservice to one’s dignity and self-respect, which is why I’ve never been at home with the concept of forgiveness as a virtue. Why forgive if that’s not what’s in your heart, not what comes naturally; or when the situation most empathetically cries out for you to do anything but?

Maybe my particular situation calls not for such harsh treatment; maybe I’m just surrendering to the mood of the moment….

…but does it make my questioning of the subject any less valid?


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