Memed from soulardent,
vivian_shaw and

I want anyone and everyone who reads this to post in here something they would like to do with me someday.

Then post this in your journal to find out what I want to do with you.

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  1. creactivity says:

    Have a glass of wine and discuss philosophy.
    And see Queen Mary’s Dollhouse again.
    And see you get really really happy.

  2. xxabunaixx says:

    I would love to
    go to some sort of theme park with you..would love to see you on a rollercoaster.
    And I would love to watch Transformers w/ you! ^_^

  3. _toyin says:

    The moment I read your request, very naughty thoughts came to mind.
    I know…
    I really should get my mind out of teh gutter.

  4. vivian_shaw says:

    I, personally, would love to get drunk with you and watch Transformers, while loudly making fun of the stupider characters such as Ironhide and Bumblebee, and later Scourge. Mwahahaha.

  5. kasku says:

    Well, everyone else seems to be mentioning Transformers so okay – I’ve got the whole of season one on DVD and the movie, and a projector. 🙂

  6. staxxy says:

    I have answered about 4 of these from my friends list so far, all of them for people who live in town…
    That makes YOU special!!
    I think that I would like to shout poetry from the top of London Tower while we shower the city with white rose petals.
    Conversely, have tea and talk face to face instead of lj to lj. 😉

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