A month or two late, but…..

What’s the big fucking gang up on Victoria Beckham, all about? I don’t understand it at all, I mean isn’t she the wronged party in this whole sorry Becks/Loos fuckaround business? At what point does logic enter into this issue? He more or less shits on their marriage vows and sticks his cock in some publicity hungry slapper, and yet the woman scorned is scorned once more by the media and the public at large.

“She should’ve paid him more attention,” they say. “How the mighty have fallen,” they cry. “She’s a miserable cow anyway,” they laugh. Whether or not all this abuse carries any nugget of truth to it, the fact remains that, rather than trying to address the issue, Mr Beckham took the easy(?) and dishonourable way out of it and *ahem* played away. For some reason the blood-baying masses seem to let that aspect of this whole sorry escapade fly over their heads; but then I suppose not having the good grace to fake a smile every two seconds for paparazzi is a much more contemptible, and much less forgivable, code of behaviour than being a cheating whore of a man or an opportunistic, money-hungry, “kiss and tell” publicity slut.

Does Mrs Beckham make shit records? Well, she wasn’t kidding on ‘Out of Your Mind’ when she declared “this tune’s gonna punish you”. But lack of artistic talent and facial expressiveness are not sound grounds for the level of scorn and pure hatred being slung in her direction….true, relationship fuck-ups like this are quite often down to more than one person in the pairing; but for fuck’s sake, putting the bulk of blame on her is purely laughable…

Normally I couldn’t care less about the whole Posh and Becks soap opera…

….but the public idiocy and misdirected venom over this whole tragic tale couldn’t go without comment….


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  1. el_jaynus says:

    Personally, I think Victoria Beckham is a talentless waste of space who bears a resemblance to an anorexic Miss Piggy. However, I don’t think she deserves all the media lashback from people who worship Beckham and think he can do no wrong (despite being a drooling, retarded twat). I think Rebecca Loos is getting off far too lightly in this, I mean, there was a magazine article praising the stupid woman for shagging a married man with kids because “It’s not her fault, could you resist David Beckham?” Yes I could because unlike some, I don’t shag someone just because they’re a (supposedly) good-looking celebrity. She’s just a shallow attention-whore as far as I’m concerned.

  2. kasku says:

    Totally with you on this one, and why is it dragging on for *so fucking long*?

  3. Touche… It’s becoming part of the norm in relationships today that instead of the person that cheats on one’s spouse, getting all the blame. It seems today that the person who remained faithful gets blamed for “driving them to cheat” or “not showing enough love in the relationship”.
    How did you find my journal by the way?

    • MRDA says:

      Yes, it’s an evil conspiracy against the tested and true, I tells ya – makes my stomach turn, as you’ve probably guessed….
      I came across your journal when I was on the debating communities and a friend of yours had a link up for your journal; checked it out and liked much of what I saw…..so, hello to you, my new LJ amigo….:)

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