Burning down the Hirst…….

Did anyone else laugh, or at least chuckle, when that warehouse of modern “art” got burned to a cinder? Did anyone else laugh doubly hard when they heard that works by both Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin were inside? Excuse me for sounding like a cunt, but if unmade beds were truly worthy of being acclaimed as works of art, worthy of cash, fame and acclaim, then I’d be swimming in a sea of riches – ala Scrooge McDuck- by now.

Looks like the chin-strokers will actually have to appraise something born of blood, sweat, heart and tears (as opposed to breaking into blood-red teary eyed sweat over eviscerated hearts). There’s a world of real art out there that has been too long cast into shade in favour of all this “avant-garde” bollocks. I want to see REAL avant-garde – real (metaphorical) balls to the wall artwork! I want to see the next Goya or Bosch venture into the underworld to make sweet Scorpionic love to Persephone and depicting the whole experience; I want a Prometheus of a painter to snatch fire from the Gods and light the way onward and upward.

I don’t want to see some postmodern poseur smear spunk, sangre and quim juice over her ruffled bedsheets.

Seriously, friends, what the fuck is all that about?

I can’t say I’d have gone as far as setting those travesties on fire; but, if this was done with intent, I can understand the sentiment, if not condone the action….

Still, martyrdom being what it is, Emin and Hirst’ll probably try to scam the world with their latest disasterpiece titled: ‘Burnt Offerings’……


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