Heavy going……

Am I the only one who thinks that panning cameras on random fat people in the street for news reports on obesity is pretty fucking insensitive? I’d hate to be X person sitting at home, watching myself being paraded for the nation’s ridicule – all in the name of “insightful reportage”. I’m not gonna burst forth with some PC-egalitarian bullshit, but does basic decency get flushed down the toilet before turning on the video camera?

Mind you they generally don’t film the neck up, so I guess it could be worse, but still……


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8 Responses to Heavy going……

  1. No, you’re not the only one to find that behavior obnoxious.

  2. xxabunaixx says:

    Yes basic decency does get flushed…
    ‘They’ don’t care, all ‘they’ want is ‘their’ story..’their’ ratings…and whatever else.
    So I agree with you. I think it is a horrible and insensitive thing to do.
    And really obsesity is not the only thing that has been victimized, when it comes to reporting a ‘insightful story’, I believe some form of exploitation becomes a key factor regardless of who is getting hurt .

  3. lousy_timing says:

    I hate it, too.
    When I see those things, I can’t help but wonder who’s where filming who, and worrying that someone will film my backside without me ever knowing it.
    Is there some loophole that allows them to do this without having you sign a release? Are they able to do this because they don’t show people’ faces?
    As an aside, it’s not like you see shots of anorexics or bulimics thrown about in the name of the public good…

    • MRDA says:

      Re: I hate it, too.
      Yeah, I agree with you on the anorexia thing…but you’ve gotta remember that looking like Skeletor is pretty much the ideal these days….*sigh*
      And all this comes from the same government and media who push the dogma of PC on us all. Sure, obesity is a problem, but it’s a personal problem first and foremost, not some national emergency, unless Al-Qaeda is recruiting sumo-size terrorists and hiding bombs under their beer guts.
      Yes, obesity in individuals needs to be tackled, but singling people out as random examples for the nation to see is totally the wrong way to go about things…Leave it to the experts, not the manipulative hands and eyes of government and media….

  4. el_jaynus says:

    I saw that report on the news earlier featuring an obese twelve-year-old. How much is that kid going to get picked on at school?! Being obese is bad enough, but your weight being on the news…. and we know how cruel kids can be.

  5. creactivity says:

    I think it’s horribly rude. I also see a lot of LJers from time to time making fun of heavier people like it’s a frickin’ sport. I have no idea why people have this pent up animosity for people that eat too much or exercise too little. Or see them as somewhat inhuman and up for critique on anonymous news broadcasts.

  6. wetplants says:

    I was thinking about this a few days ago when I saw a similar clip on the news. Ya sure, you can’t see their faces, but the point of these shots is to make them look like monsters, not humans. they exploit the fact that most of america is obese. Imagine if your recognized yourself on one of these things by the clothes you were wearing and the background location- how humiliating.

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