Prags for punctuation

I like the general idea behind alchemy – mining something fruitful out of unpromising elements or situations. For example, being late to work’s hardly an ideal situation, but it did set me on the following train of thought….

After a conglomerate of fuck-ups a few weeks back, I found myself leaving home later than planned that morn. I more or less figured I was fucked for time – that was a given. But then I though to myself “What exactly will I be late for?” The store would open at 10am and I knew I’d arrive before then. Nay, it would be the fifteen minutes prior to said opening that would determine the state of my punctuality.

The parallels between work and school sicken me…….

Why is it so fucking important to be “on time” before the grand event, whatever “grand” event that may be? I mean in school all that should matter are the lessons, right? Yet we’re – or we were – penalized for arriving late to registration, the most non-essential part of the day! What the fuck has registration got to do with the process of learning, except of course training pupils to be good little members of the Hive? This, I think, is a major reason why most kids hate school and subsequently grow to despise any form of learning, intellectual betterment etc…defamation by association is that!

The work situation isn’t much better – sure, there’s important info in the briefings (sometimes), but couldn’t it just be written on a board somewhere for all to see or announced at a breaktime? Since literacy is needed for most jobs, even at the bottom rung, this shouldn’t be an issue, should it?

(As a sidenote don’t you just hate arriving late to hear your boss say “You’re late!” Outwardly you let it slide; inwardly you’re wondering if stating the bloody obvious is on the job description of managerial recruitment forms. The temptation to reply with a “No shit, genius!” is one which must be suppressed at such times….)

But work awaits me tomorrow and, like a good little Borg soldier, I’ll do my level best to arrive in at a reasonable time – after all, resistance is futile, right?

Authoritarian asswipe motherfuckers….


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