Black Man’s Burden?

This is just fucking laughable – truly it is….

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome? What the fuck…?

Sociologists can sure pull a lot of half-baked, invalid theories out of their arses, can’t they?

And of course black people are, as ever, cast in the role of the eternal victims……

For fuck’s sake can’t a black guy commit a crime without “multigenerational trauma” being brought into the equation?

Oh yeah, I forgot…black people don’t have individual psychologies and characters – they’re each merely a facet of the same African Hive mind, after all. Hell, the statement that “they all look alike” should tell you summat, shouldn’t it? After all, same “blood”, same mindset….innit, blood?

Joy DeGruy-Leary is quite eager to attempt to pedal this stupid theory as an acceptable mental disorder across the pond. For the sake of Blacks trying to advance and better themselves in the States (as individuals and a “community”), I hope “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” gets laughed out of all serious medical & psychological circles….

Can’t she see that by trying to excuse this fucker’s actions she’s implying that Black people are subhuman and mentally underdeveloped; that have no rational faculty to discern right & wrong and thus should be excused for their fuck-ups…like children?

Doesn’t she realise that – far from advancing the stature of American Blacks, her theory only serves to perpetuate the problems prevalent in “the Black community”?

Are you a murderous gangbanger or misogynistic pimp? It’s not your fault, “brother” – you’re just a victim of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome….you can’t help the way you are, what with your “multi-generationally traumatised” bloodline and all…

Can’t she see that she devalues the lives of real victims – those who fall prey to those odious types and others like them?


Let’s take a look at the credentials of this charlatan….

“Besides a doctorate in social work research, DeGruy-Leary has a master’s degree in clinical psychology.”

She must have graduated from the school of bribery prior to taking that psychology course …..

“She said she can offer counseling but is not licensed to diagnose anyone.”

Gee, I can’t imagine why that’s the case….

And a choice quote straight from the horse’s arse….

“”If you are African American and you are living in America, you have been impacted.””

So if I was born and raised in America under the guidance of parents who taught me the virtues of pride (the real thing not the racial variant), self-respect, and individual responsibility, I would still be “afflicted”?

Ms DeGruy-Leary can take her theory of inherent racial victimology and fuck herself with it….

All this would be funny if it wasn’t so potentially tragic….


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