Black Man’s Burden?

This is just fucking laughable – truly it is….

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome? What the fuck…?

Sociologists can sure pull a lot of half-baked, invalid theories out of their arses, can’t they?

And of course black people are, as ever, cast in the role of the eternal victims……

For fuck’s sake can’t a black guy commit a crime without “multigenerational trauma” being brought into the equation?

Oh yeah, I forgot…black people don’t have individual psychologies and characters – they’re each merely a facet of the same African Hive mind, after all. Hell, the statement that “they all look alike” should tell you summat, shouldn’t it? After all, same “blood”, same mindset….innit, blood?

Joy DeGruy-Leary is quite eager to attempt to pedal this stupid theory as an acceptable mental disorder across the pond. For the sake of Blacks trying to advance and better themselves in the States (as individuals and a “community”), I hope “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” gets laughed out of all serious medical & psychological circles….

Can’t she see that by trying to excuse this fucker’s actions she’s implying that Black people are subhuman and mentally underdeveloped; that have no rational faculty to discern right & wrong and thus should be excused for their fuck-ups…like children?

Doesn’t she realise that – far from advancing the stature of American Blacks, her theory only serves to perpetuate the problems prevalent in “the Black community”?

Are you a murderous gangbanger or misogynistic pimp? It’s not your fault, “brother” – you’re just a victim of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome….you can’t help the way you are, what with your “multi-generationally traumatised” bloodline and all…

Can’t she see that she devalues the lives of real victims – those who fall prey to those odious types and others like them?


Let’s take a look at the credentials of this charlatan….

“Besides a doctorate in social work research, DeGruy-Leary has a master’s degree in clinical psychology.”

She must have graduated from the school of bribery prior to taking that psychology course …..

“She said she can offer counseling but is not licensed to diagnose anyone.”

Gee, I can’t imagine why that’s the case….

And a choice quote straight from the horse’s arse….

“”If you are African American and you are living in America, you have been impacted.””

So if I was born and raised in America under the guidance of parents who taught me the virtues of pride (the real thing not the racial variant), self-respect, and individual responsibility, I would still be “afflicted”?

Ms DeGruy-Leary can take her theory of inherent racial victimology and fuck herself with it….

All this would be funny if it wasn’t so potentially tragic….


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22 Responses to Black Man’s Burden?

  1. creactivity says:

    Agreed. 100%.
    Coincidently, there was a program on last night about the gang problem in LA (mostly a black/latino thing). The kids that live in those neighborhoods barely have a chance because the gang violence dictates their lives. They almost don’t have a choice whether or not they want to be in a gang or a victim of one. It’s living like that that is the problem.
    There are 9,000 police to the 450 sq. mile area of LA (most relegated to weathy areas because they’re the ones paying for the police and demanding the protection) whereas there are 40,000 cops in NY on the island of Manhattan alone. Because the cops are so under-represented, they search anyone for anything in those neighborhoods and are almost seen as yet another legally-sanctioned gang. They’re not respected or looked up to, and there’s been too many scandals for that to come around any time soon.
    It’s a horrible viscious cycle. If it had any roots in slavery, it was the poverty element that helped create this problem. People have to be so amazing and exceptional to escape this cycle that it really ISN’T an even playing field. But to say it’s some kind of stress disorder directly related to that is ridiculous.
    the problem has got its own life and energy at this point.

  2. vivian_shaw says:

    Oh, Christ in a pickle tub, I’m not surprised. I was sort of waiting for someone to come up with this: “My ancestors were enslaved, so I can kill you because I am suffering from PTSD.”
    Next we’ll have Post-Women’s-Subjugation-Stress-Disorder, which affects stupid college freshman girls who have just read their first feminist textbook and believe that they are being Discriminated Against.
    I hate the fact that one cannot really speak out against tripe such as this DeGruy woman’s theory without being accused of racism. I don’t hate people because of their race, religion or sex: I hate them because they are STUPID.
    In addition, who the fuck names their kid “Ryshawn”?

  3. harlockhero says:

    man, am i ever glad i added you to my friends list!
    being a denizen of the southern US, racism (and all that it implicates from affirmative action to hate crimes) is a consistently hot topic around here, and it seems that virtually nobody i know offline is able to speak intelligently about it! my father and i were having a “discussion” on this a few days ago, and he said something to the effect of “black people grow up angry towards society because they live in ghettos; that’s why they commit crimes”, and despite my attempts at a counter-argument, he didn’t seem to be able to grasp my assertion that there’s no such thing as a “ghetto” in the sense of there being an area of land that’s just predestined to fall into a state of delapidation and ruin and violence; it’s the choices of the people who live in said areas that mold the area to reflect their character. (not to say that there’s not noble/rational people who just so happened to be born in a ghetto (i’m one of them), but i’m sure you know what i’m talking about.)

    • cearrdorn says:

      Also being from the southern US, I can say that regardless of race, there are ‘areas’ that seem to self perpetuate theft, crime, and general anti-social behavior.
      I think the reason some people, like your father, might think the way they do, is because they don’t recognise the same dispora in whites they do in blacks. I can kinda back this up with real life experience.
      Most of my family has some racial bias of some sort or another. The prodominate bias is against blacks, and that has led to some rather heated arguments with me about villifying someone simply for the tone of their skin.
      (My grandfather is the worst about it, but for him it’s almost in the grain, so we just kinda tune him out.)
      The thing is, when talking to my family my stepdad thinks his neighborhood is going downhill because of the changeup of the ratio of whites-blacks-hispanics. He’s failing to notice that there were just as many ‘white’ thieves in the neighborhood as there were blacks or hispanic. Indeed the main demographic change in the neighborhood hasn’t been related so much to race as it is to age. all the OLD white people moved. A bunch of YOUNG people with families moved in.
      Middle class people tend to ignore their children, and children who are used to getting something tend to be less respectful of the rule of law than people who are truly poor. I have siblings who embody this, who’ve commited crimes mainly out of boredom and being denied their every want and whim.
      It’s really about how people raise their children, and not about their race. Sometimes, some of us are lucky enough to be able to think for ourselves and challenge prejudice and hate, and step beyond those things to achieve friendships and families that are worth a damn.

  4. All this would be funny if it wasn’t so potentially tragic…
    All black people don’t look alike, but you kinda look like Seal. 🙂

  5. kasku says:

    Wow, that’s fucking ridiculous.
    I can totally see why that’s pissed you off. It just carries on this stupid attitude of there being so many differences between white people and black people. Why? It’s just so stupid! We’re all people!

  6. _toyin says:


  7. staxxy says:

    ah yes… Oregon –
    the state that sanctioned Bhagwan Shree Rasneesh and his merry band of the brainwashed. OY!! Oregon, where they drive 10 miles under the speed limit as a matter of *course*. Okay, not *everyone* there, but they are notoriously bad drivers in the Pacific Northwest. They are notoriously flakey as a state as well. Oregon is often thought of as the place where the hippies all go. *rolls eyes* And just when they don’t do anything majorly flakey for a month… *this* pops up.
    *sigh* MORONS. Egad. And they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

    • MRDA says:

      Re: ah yes… Oregon –
      Well, having read some of the Bhagwan Shree Rasneesh’s words, I must say he makes a hellalot more sense than that DeGruy-Leary tithead could ever hope to. I dunno much else about the guy, but compared to the accepted charlatan in the link above, Raneesh comes across as a beacon of rational thought…..

      • staxxy says:

        Re: ah yes… Oregon –
        and that would be my point, actually. At the time when the Rajneeshy ranch was a big thing in Oregon, there were Rajneeshies EVERYWHERE and they were spewing the most ridiculous nonsense you ever heard. It was very much akin to vegetarians who say that “humans aren’t meant to eat meat” – which would be why we have all the teeth for it. *rolls eyes*
        The really funny thing about Oregon and it’s reputation is that, aside from the stupid and slow driving, the reputation is only for the *state* not for anyone who lives there or is from there. It’s like the earth there is tainted with some sort of flakey vibe.

        • MRDA says:

          Re: ah yes… Oregon –
          “It’s like the earth there is tainted with some sort of flakey vibe”
          I think the land and people aree tainted in my home borough, but I digress….
          Have you read the book Rebels and Devils ? There are quite a few Rajneesh words of wisdom there (though some of it doesn’t quite gel). It does make surprising sense in many ways…
          What kinda nonsense was being spewed by his devotees way back when?

          • staxxy says:

            Re: ah yes… Oregon –
            oh god, I can’t even remember it all.
            It was stuff like “Orange is the color we wear because Bhagwan says it is the color of the souls purity and the Bhagwan is the one true way. When the aliens come we will be lifted to heaven”. I’m not saying that Rajneesh himself said any of the cracked things that were being spewed in his name. I am just saying that the followers of the Rajneesh were *really* out there.

          • MRDA says:

            Re: ah yes… Oregon –
            “Orange is the color we wear because Bhagwan says it is the color of the souls purity and the Bhagwan is the one true way. When the aliens come we will be lifted to heaven”
            Oh fuck! First Jesus spawns the Christians and now this!?
            As if stuf like Crossing Over wasn’t enough of a stain on human existence…
            Tis more likely the aliens would send them – and the rest of us – to heaven with some well placed incinerator blasts. Upon first contact with those fuckheads I wouldn’t blame ’em for jumping to the conclusion that there’s no intelligent life on Earth…

          • staxxy says:

            Re: ah yes… Oregon –
            like I said, it was *really* cracked and out there. People will take any sort of *gospel* and try to interpret the living hell out of it before they actually look at the ACTUAL WORDS SAID. “when he said that we should be kind to one another, what he *MEANT* was that we should be kind to others of our faith and kill the infidels”.
            People, as a group, are really stupid. I am glad that there are collections of individuals to associate myself with instead. Bleh. Most of humanity is a blight on the face of the earth, In My Opinion.

          • MRDA says:

            Re: ah yes… Oregon –
            “People, as a group, are really stupid…..Most of humanity is a blight on the face of the earth, In My Opinion.”
            I agree, hence my periodic bursts of misanthropy on this here journal…;)

          • staxxy says:

            Re: ah yes… Oregon –
            😀 and one of the things I adore about you as well. 😉

          • MRDA says:

            Re: ah yes… Oregon –
            “People, as a group, are really stupid…..Most of humanity is a blight on the face of the earth, In My Opinion.”
            I agree, hence my periodic bursts of misanthropy on this here journal…;)

  8. orobouros says:

    I found you through , and have to thank you for this post.
    Next time I’m in London, I owe you a pint for this. I’m there every so often, so my offer is serious. Assuming, of course, you like pints.
    The problem here (well, one of the many many problems here) in America is that victim-centered mentalities are very popular. Being a victim accords you special privilege, and can also lead to a financial goldmine if you can find a way to sue someone over it.
    What irritates me, is that this overabundance of victimhood (and I’m talking about no specific cultural groups here, because everyone here asserts their victimhood in some capacity – I even joke about the perils of being a white heterosexual American and therefore being the most hated person on the planet) tends to de-legitimize and trivialize people who truly are victims of hate crimes and what have you.
    I could probably go on for days. But in any event, I’m going to add you to my friends list, if you don’t mind.

    • MRDA says:

      I don’t mind you adding me at all – I’ll even add you right back…:)
      And that pint sounds good……yup, you’re added!

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