Countdown to memage….

Thirteen random things you like:
– my bear
– relaxing in a local (or not so local) Borders
– being away from people
– deep/ intimate conversation
– superheroes/ heroism
– the Spanish language
– anime
– Transformers
– comics & graphic novels
– metal
– admiring beautiful women

Twelve movies:
– Equilibrium
– Spider-Man
– Transformers: The Movie
– Training Day
– The Color Purple
– Commando
– Battle Royale (1 &2)
– Ghost World
– Wicked City
– Urotsukidoji
– X-Men
– Blade

Eleven good bands or singers/musicians:
– Pantera
– Static-X
– Human League
– Heaven 17
– Rob Zombie
– Slipknot
– Fear Factory
– Stuck Mojo
– Marilyn Manson
– The Offspring
– American Head Charge

Ten things about you, physically:
– smallish ears
– rapidly re-growing head of hair
– goddamn mole on left side of neck
– my (currently) shaven face
– dark complexion
– rugby thighs
– nice pair of eyebrows
– the beginnings of a moustache
– hairy arms
– a stocky constitution

Nine things about you, mentally/emotionally:
– thin-skinned
– probing
– questioning
– paranoid
– scatty
– a romantic
– disorganized
– creative
– pissed-off

Eight favorite drinks:
– Coke
– Sangria
– Kronenburg 1664
– tea
– red wine
– Stella Artois
– Ribena
– Lambrini

Seven things you wear daily:
– T-shirt
– Jeans
– Boxers
– Socks
– Trainers
– Pyjamas
– a look of contemplation

Six things that annoy you:
– people with no concept of personal space
– crowds
– Newham
– my procrastinating ways
– my thin-skinned ways
– gigglers

Five favorite foods:
– Burger King
– Salmon
– Jacket Potatoes
– Chips

Four shows you watch:
– Oz
– X-Men: Evolution
– M.A.S.K
– Dawson’s Creek

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
– Scarlett Johannson
– Amanda Bynes
– Amy Lee

Two things you come in contact with everyday:
– Bullshit
– Tossers

One song you like right now:
– ‘The Blister Exists’ by Slipknot


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9 Responses to Countdown to memage….

  1. kasku says:

    Which bear? I have a monkey myself. 🙂

    • MRDA says:

      The little yellow guy who appeared in one of my previous icons is the dude I’m on about…
      He may make a re-appearance!:)

      • kasku says:

        Oh, THAT bear. Yes, he is extremely cute. I shall have to take a photo of my monkey and post him. Although people may think I’m slightly mad. I cuddle mine when I go to sleep!
        (What a sexy thought huh? Big fat pregnant woman, cellulite and stuffed monkey! ;-D)

  2. Dude, I want to comment more on this later, but I just noticed one of your favorite bands is Stuck Mojo! I fuckin’ LOVE that band! It sucks they broke up. I like what I’ve heard of Rich Ward’s CAFU, and I’m trying to find some MP3s of Bonz’s band 420 Monks, but no luck. But I was hooked on Stuck Mojo years ago when I saw the video for “Not Promised Tomorrow.” I’ve got all they’re albums.
    And very cool that you listed “Battle Royale.” I haven’t seen the second one though.
    More later…

    • MRDA says:

      “My path is set – and Hell’s coming with me!”
      Stuck Mojo – hey, they’re an underrated band for sure! Got all their studio stuff. Easily one the best rap-metal groups around and their politics are pretty sound too – more convincing than Rage Against The Machine (who nonetheless are musically accomplished).
      They did a vid for ‘Not Promised Tomorrow’? That’s easily one of my favourite tracks by them….
      And yeah, you should try and see the second Battle Royale – I might write about it in a future post – it’s more intense & controversial in it’s (one-sided) condemnation of America, but overall it’s easily one of the better flicks I’ve seen this year….
      Hey – how’ve you been bearing up anyhow? Still sketching and creating?

  3. msliminal says:

    You watch Dawson’s Creek…and you’ll admit it.
    You rawk!
    Ha ha…

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