Freedom of Speech?

So Big Brother Blunkett wants to outlaw anti-religious speech now? Hmm…….

I swear, that fucker will have us goose-stepping down Oxford Street next…..

Racially inflammatory speech is already a legal no-no which on reflection is using fascism to fight fascism. Sure, I don’t particularly like it when someone uses the words “nigger”, “paki”, “spic”, “honky” etc, especially when malice is intended, but if freedom of speech isn’t defended for those cunts who would misuse it, can one really have the nerve to call it free speech?

The veto against anti-religious speech is doubly stupid. Whereas race/colour are intrinsic aspects of one’s physiology, religion is basically proto-philosophy which one can accept or discard. Sure, one can be brought up with a religious structure and whatnot, but once one reaches some semblance of maturity, any decision to continue or cancel belongs to the specific individual raised under such a structure; it’s only a person’s thinking – or lack of such – that determines the road they ultimately walk down.

Furthermore, will this mean that it’ll become a cardinal offence to speak out against Catholic priests who fuck their young charges or their spineless, morally-repugnant colleagues who cover up said activities? Hell, soon it’ll be taboo to speak out against arranged marriages, “honour” killings and even psychotic hook-handed clerics wishing death upon the Great Satan that is the West…of course now, those cunts will be most likely allowed to carry on regardless, with the blessings of the societies whom they seek to undermine and destroy…..

What did this nation do to deserve a power-mad totalitarian tosser like Blunkett? Oh yeah, I forgot…..

First ID card proposals and now this….

A sensible politico wouldn’t even give this issue time of day. A sensible politician (oxymoron?) would realize the inherent beauty of free speech paradoxically derives from its inherent ugliness. A devoutly-churchgoing, fire-n-brimstone, BNP voter should have every right to call me a “dirty, godless, nigger atheist” and I’d have every right to call said person “a deluded, Bible-thumping, Hitler-rimming cunt”. All it takes is some common sense – if someone rips into your creed or colour then don’t just stand there and take it!

Free speech can be used to defend as well as offend….

….because liberty is a two-edged sword after all….


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