Yup – more religion (sort of)……


Instead of worshipping Satan as a figure of Darkness, you worship Lucifer as a figure of liberation, illumination and wisdom. You are generally kind and caring, but you do have a darker side that rears up from time to time.

Worship!? That’s a stretch, at least on a literal level….

I don’t worship – nor believe in the existence of – any deity, but my view of Lucifer is very much in line with the character described in this result. I view Lucifer in a similar way a LaVeyan would view Satan – symbolically rather than literally….

I suppose the last sentence of that result is more or less accurate though….

Lucifer – like I said, the character gets too much of a(n unwarranted) bad rep…..

Take the test, and share what you show as – much better quality than most of the Quizilla ones….


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  1. xxabunaixx says:

    So you have a darker side…I would have never guessed
    Take the quiz: “WHAT RELIGION BESTS SUITS YOU?”Pagan/OccultistDo what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Spending your entire life searching various forms of philosophy and religion, you choose to observe everything and believe little. You’re personality is one of truth seeking, nature respecting and god/goddess accepting. Lastly, you don’t judge anyone, but if annoyed, you will exact some form of revenge. You don’t believe in the Three-Fold Law.
    That is what I got…and is somewhat true.

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