Yup – more religion (sort of)……


Instead of worshipping Satan as a figure of Darkness, you worship Lucifer as a figure of liberation, illumination and wisdom. You are generally kind and caring, but you do have a darker side that rears up from time to time.

Worship!? That’s a stretch, at least on a literal level….

I don’t worship – nor believe in the existence of – any deity, but my view of Lucifer is very much in line with the character described in this result. I view Lucifer in a similar way a LaVeyan would view Satan – symbolically rather than literally….

I suppose the last sentence of that result is more or less accurate though….

Lucifer – like I said, the character gets too much of a(n unwarranted) bad rep…..

Take the test, and share what you show as – much better quality than most of the Quizilla ones….


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