An observation….

I find it amusing that people can trade gash for cash in front of a camera and then have it marketed, packaged and distributed for mass cumsumption(sic)…. all without falling short of the law….

….yet the sale of discreet, private sex is both frowned on and penalised if brought to light…..

Nice to see our legal systems hold consistency as a value, eh?


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3 Responses to An observation….

  1. I always wondered what was up with that double-staandard myself.

  2. That is odd.
    You listen to Richard Cheese? That’s awesome!

  3. konami says:

    I haven’t understood it either.. I can see at the back of a lot of weekly newspaper about 200 ads for prostitute services, but if somebody “walks to streets” they will be arrested.
    I don’t morally agree with prostitution but then again, there’s no rational reason I can think up for it to be illegal.

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