Once again…..

…Islam is not a race…..

Once more, con espiritu…..

Islam is not a race!

Calling Islam “a vile and wicked faith” does not make one a racist (though for the record, there’s no doubt in my mind that Nick Griffin is a racist – though that’s more to do with the little matter of him being one of the leading lights of the BNP movement.)

Ironically, if anyone can be accused of racism, it’s those who would level the charge against Griffin based on his recent remark – conflating race with ideology, these myopic motherfuckers unconsciously permeate the same evil they claim to be fighting against. It’s like those who construe a hatred of gangsta rap as a hatred of all black people, as if all blacks had the gangbanger mentality running through their veins!

The idiocy of all concerned in this matter is depressing…. although not terribly surprising, given the blinkered, hyper-PC age in which we live….


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  1. Kind of like how Judaism isn’t a race either… odd no?

    • MRDA says:

      A fair point – Judaism is a religion which could be called race-centric …though that’s based on a faulty premise that Jews are the “chosen ones” exalted above all other peoples….
      And conflating race and religion here is still severely flawed to say the least – one may be racially Jewish whilst eschewing the trappings of the Jewish faith and/or culture – Ayn Rand’s a good example of this….

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