“Have you ever been inside of the new masterpiece?”

Okay,I conceived this one in my mind yesterday, and birthed it onto paper and screen t’day…not Byron, Keats or Poe, but I like it nowt the less – certainly had fun putting it together…

Some People


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10 Responses to “Have you ever been inside of the new masterpiece?”

  1. biscayne says:

    Wow, I just read that and just . . .wow. You’re very talented. You should seriously publish that.

  2. _toyin says:

    i love it! I love it!
    fucking brilliant, man!
    faves (pretty much the entire poem, really….):

    Some people worship idols
    without looking within
    Some people live in mansions
    Some people sleep on streets
    Some people hide in masses
    Some people join elites
    Some people thrive on chaos
    give birth to dancing stars
    Some people like to swallow
    Some people simply spit
    Some people thrive on passion
    whilst some could give a shit
    Some people love the limelight
    Some people need their niche
    Some people stave off panic
    hold others on a leash

  3. wetplants says:

    “give birth to dancing stars” that part made me giggle.
    the poem was really long but entertaining. I like what you had to say about everyone.

    • MRDA says:

      the “give birth to dancing stars” bit was from my reading of Nietzsche…..he’s a pretty poetic philosopher….
      Liked that you liked the poem…

  4. Yeah, really good. I read it and kept thingkig… “that line’s me, that line’s not me…..” Thanks for sharing.

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