Hooked on extortion


I cast my eyes over my latest payslip….

Earnings (before tax): £605.81

Earnings (post-tax) : £446

So that’s over a quarter of my hard-earned being flushed down the toilet bowl of government spending….

Fucking disgusting!

This sense of violation is further exacerbated by this!

I mean, what the fuck? Why is are my earnings going towards treating this terrorist-loving, hook-handed motherfucker? Surely I’m a worthier cause, seeing as I earned it and all; not some Al-Qaeda fellating leech who publishes and preaches terrorist aid…

So much for priorities, eh?

I really, really do despair of those given power over us…


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6 Responses to Hooked on extortion

  1. Come on over to the U.S.
    I remember my Italian and German friends expressing just as much disgust over the amount of money that was taken from them as well.

    • MRDA says:

      Who knows? Maybe one day I might just make that trip…:)
      Are tax rates significantly better there?

      • Hell yes. You get taxed according to how much you earn. If you don’t earn that much, you don’t pay that much or any. If you earn thousands… you pay more.
        Yet, John Kerry and the Democratic party (which is starting to resemble socialists) are trying to change that by taxing the fuck out of us.

  2. biscayne says:

    And I complained about American taxes. Boy I won’t make that mistake again. *hugs*
    Is Europe very lovely? I want to go to Europe so badly and see Great Britain and France and Germany and Sweden!

    • MRDA says:

      London irritates me more often than not, though it’s not without its merits….
      Paris is a far better city, but it’s been ages since I’ve been there… I loved my trips to France when I was younger…

  3. ghostdog_ says:

    They haven’t wasted every drop they squeese, though I heartily agree they shouldn’t be wasting money on a terrorist asshole (or a dozen on so other half-baked things).

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