Life’s a gamble at times – get used to it!

More manic mollycoddling from They That Know Best, sitting over us in their self-imposed superiority….

Apparently gambling is an evil that needs to be kept at bay by the fat, fleshy hands of Nanny State….

..and it’s gambling addiction that causes otherwise law-abiding blokes to beat up and mug little ol’ ladies…



People have the right to suffer for their own idiocy; they do not need to be babied away from the consequences of their actions. Sometimes I think the Powers That Be see the average citizen as a laboratory rat, ripe for experimentation, confinement and sheltering – for fuck’s sake, take away the unnecessary fetters and let the poor, huddled masses breathe free!

Legalize casinos – hell, we’ve already got the National lottery and the bookies, so why not go the whole hog? And, seeing as we live under a tax system, why not make the Lottery the center of government revenue and take the burden off our paychecks? They call the Lottery “stupidity tax” after all.

I can’t even see what the big fucking debate is about – maybe it’s my common(?) sense obscuring my view on this one.

Maybe I need to switch off my capacity for rational thought to get that unique politico perspective….


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2 Responses to Life’s a gamble at times – get used to it!

  1. ghostdog_ says:

    “People have the right to suffer for their own idiocy”
    I am so quoting that, priceless.

  2. konami says:

    The Lottery and Bookies should already be required by legalized gambling.
    Because they ARE gambling.
    Yeh, bring on the casinos. The economy in my city picked up after they legalized it a few years back.

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