Momentary self-perception – and a detached observation…

Methinks I bruise way too easily sometimes.

…and if I meant physically, I guess I could better “deal”.

Thinking about it in a more universal context, isn’t it funny how a broken body is treated with more reverence and compassion than a broken heart? That people trample over hearts and feelings with alarming frequency, yet still have the time and (no pun intended) nerve to flinch at the sound and sight of trampled bones?

It’s at turns amusing and depressing; how the realm of physicality is venerated to the detriment of all else at times…


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4 Responses to Momentary self-perception – and a detached observation…

  1. On a brighter note, you DO have two years as my cell mate to look forward to… 😉

  2. biscayne says:

    Yes, it’s strange, almost ironic that people care more about the physical than the emotional. When people are hurt emotionally (and I myself can testify to this), they tend to run to others for comfort. They run to the same people that they hurt with their words and actions. It’s sad. But then let someone break an ankle and see how much sweet treatment, presents and sympathy they get showered with.

  3. It’s because emotional pain is a lot aesier to ignore and a lot harder to understand. We see someone with a broken arm and know that it must hurt, that something happened, and that a cast will fix it. We can’t see a broken heart, and can’t understand what happened, and we can’t “fix” it, so we pretend it isn’t there.
    I don’t like it, but I think that’s what happens. I’m sorry your hurting.

  4. kasku says:

    I’ve always had a strong physical reaction to other’s broken hearts. But I’ve been accused of being too sensitive. 🙂

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