Voting and vitriol – my thoughts on the ‘Merican election debacle…

So, the dust will soon settle over this battlefield of ballots, with things remaining – after all the sweat , spittle, spite and scribbling – much the same as before.


I mean that’s all one can say after all this.

I mean on the one side, you have a vacillating Red sympathizer who can’t decide whether or not he wants to fight those threatening our way of life; and on the other, you have a more resolute commander-in-chief, who nevertheless has extremely questionable views regarding civil liberties and the separation of church and state. So you’ve got Commie Kerry on one side and Bush the Bible-basher on the other.

I can’t help but feel sorry for my ‘Merican friends. Some fucking choice, eh?

Saying that, just because the candidates came across as clueless, ignorant and blinkered on certain issues doesn’t mean that those who voted for them are of the same mindset. Reading and conversing with various peeps on my friends list has allowed me some insight into people’s decisions for picking the either the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.

I do not believe, unlike some on my friends list, that the peeps who voted for Bush are all a bunch of homophobic, theocratic idiots – in fact some of the more reasoned opinions I’ve read have come from Bush voters. To all those who voted Kerry, I understand your concerns about abortion, gay marriage, civil liberties and the infringement of religion – I share the same concerns too. Like I said, Bush is hardly the ideal of what an American president should be. Nevertheless, at the end of the day both candidates and both parties have flaws and cracks in their armour. I mean Democrat voters, come on! Do you really think a man who publicly zig-zags and half-asses on issues can be trusted in office? If I was an American gun owner, I’d be wary of voting for Mr “I-Support-the-Second-Amendment-and-Gun-Control-In Equal-Measure”.

I’ve always said this in favour of Bush – at least you know exactly where you stand with him.

Furthermore, at the end of the day we’re still, in effect, fighting a war against a cabal of cunts who are not above deliberately murdering civilians to make a point . Sure, I don’t necessarily believe that Bush is doing everything right; the War In Iraq, whilst not morally wrong – Saddam was an evil cocksucker, after all – seems extremely incongruous when viewed in the context of the “War on Terror”. I too question why Bin Laden, Kalid Sheik Mohammed and the other scum behind 9-11 seem to have been forgotten or pushed aside. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that the Middle East is a hotspot and breeding ground for many of these motherfuckers, so a military presence there is not entirely a bad idea. I believe that, in so far as eradicating these Jihad-crazy cunts, Mr “Four-More-Years-Bitches!” deserves a modicum of support (and yes, a little nudge in the right direction).

And before anyone invokes the spirit of Benjamin Franklin, his famous quote applies just as much to socialistic, gun-controlling, speech code-crazy tokenists on the left as much as it applies to God-struck, authoritarian, anti-gay xenophobes on the Right. None of you on my friends list fall into these extremes (based on what I know), but you have to realize that whichever side of the fence you’ve decided to sit on has its fair share of weeds…

As others have said, if you hate the status quo that much, don’t just suck it up! Get out there, rally coalitions, oppose the Powers That Be where and when they need to be opposed and don’t relent for one second until you start seeing changes….

….but let’s not start getting catty when it comes to peeps who could be your potential allies. John Kerry, for all his faults, is gracious in defeat – I think many could follow his example, whilst at the same time thinking of this “defeat” as a small setback in the continuing war, rather than the sounding of the final trumpet.

In the war against the enemy without and within, communication can sometimes be a more potent weapon than condemnation…


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4 Responses to Voting and vitriol – my thoughts on the ‘Merican election debacle…

  1. oheunoia says:

    the war in iraq isn’t morally wrong? wow.

    • MRDA says:

      Yup, you heard correct!
      The war in itself is not wrong – merely the conditions it was waged under and the changing reasons given for it….

  2. ghostdog_ says:

    Extremely well put.

  3. fnguitard04 says:

    yes, extremely well-put. i took that test and got the same result as you
    Anyway, your writing has improved so much…I think i’m going to make you my writing god…perhaps…

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